Family Advent Calendar : Design Santa in a Masterpiece Cards


Today, we’re going to design some Christmas cards in which we place Santa in a famous work of art. With the success of our Lichtenstein Inspired Cards, Frieda Kahlo and other Famous Artist Cards, and our Picasso Inspired Cards, we’re sure this will be a hit!

Funny thing, after I came up with the idea for Santa in a Masterpiece cards, I looked around for a few models [see the graphic below] and ran into this amazing article on Ed Wheeler’s “Santa Classics.” We’ll definitely be using Ed Wheeler’s work [in the center squares below] as inspo, today! 


First, I’m going to let the kids pick a “Masterpiece,” i.e. a famous or favourite work of art, and “shop” Santa into that work of art. They can either reproduce the work or a section of the work on their own with crayons, markers, oil pastels, charcoals or pencils and add their Santa, or, they can print it out and add a Santa, or they can gather images electronically and use a free online photo editor like or to draw or collage a santa into the picture.  Then, we’ll reproduce the finished work on a holiday card. 

Wish us luck, folks! And look for your card in the mail! 


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