Homemade Printable Skylanders Swap Force Valentines

Homemade Printable Skylanders Swap Force Valentines from The Lunchbox Season
It’s Toby’s first year at an all-boy’s school, and so we wanted to start off on the right foot with some super-friendly homemade valentines. Last year’s Toy Heart Photo Valentines with Skylanders, Lego, Stuffies and Monster High Dolls were such a hit that we decided to do something similar with photographs of out favourite toys. This time, we chose Toby’s two favourite new Skylanders Swap Force characters to feature on his cards. Since we didn’t have time to set up a bit of a home photo studio, we sourced two awesome close-up photos of the characters online. Then, using our favourite online photo editor du jour, ipiccy, we created some quick and easy valentines by adding sharpness, colour, tone, border and text.  This year, we decided to use each Skylander’s catch phrase as the message of the valentine.  “Rubble Rouser” asks each valentine to “Brace for Impact,” while “Fire Kraken” reminds us we all “Burn to be wild!” We then printed these images in large batches on full sheets of photo paper and used a permanent marker to fill in the to/from information on the front or back of each card.  Here are some generic versions of our cards. Feel free to copy and paste the images and print them for your own personal use.

braceforimpactvalentineprintablefromthelunxhboxseason Burn to be Wile basic valentine printable from the lunchboxseason Burntobewildprintablevalentinefromthelunchboxseasondotcom printable skylander valentine brace for impact rubble rouser from thelunchbox season

Here’s a full sheet:

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