Family Advent Calendar, Day 19: Harry Potter Special! Design Your Own Patronus

2013 Day 19 Finale
Today, we’ll reread our favourite holiday scenes from the Harry Potter novels and design our own Patronus posters.
Recently, I saw some awesome “My Patronus Is A…” Posters with Animal Drawings, and I thought that the kids would want to try something similar, but without the fuss of typography.

Design Your Own Patronus My Squirrel

Santa's Patronus for AdventTo the left, you’ll find my own hand drawing of what I might consider to be “Santa’s Patronus.” [I looked at a picture of a reindeer we had used for our Shadow Puppet Theatre as a model].   Above, you’ll find a sketch of what I consider to be my own Patronus – the Squirrel!  Today we’ll be creating our own Patronus image, but  without any typographical elements or lettering.


On black or dark blue paper, use light coloured chalks, pencils, oil pastels or gel pens to draw an “action portrait” of your favourite animal or the animal which represents your inner spirit, fight, or faith.

Alternatively you can outline your animal in white chalk and then go over the outlines in glitter glue, or white glue and glitter shake.

You might also want to draw some action swirls or curlicues around the animal to suggest movement or wind.


When we are finished with ours, we will frame them and place them on the kids’  bedroom doors, over their desks or in the basement play room.

Of course, the kids couldn’t yet decide on a single patronus! Here are the results:
bea's patronus Designs  Toby's Patronus Collage
papas patronus the wild cat

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