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Our Sister Site, Summer of Funner, runs from June to August 2011-2016.


Ten Weeks

Brainstorming the Calendar

Yesterday Books

Clay-dough aka Canada Day

Strawberry Day

Mustard Tastings and Turtle Talk

Pomme Day

Sketch Day at the AGO

Chocolate Day

Sketching (Again) at the ROM

Pizza Day

“Save the Riverdale Farm” Sketches

Marshmallow Day

Just a Bit of News

The Day in Condiments

Library Day: T-shirts and a Rob Ford Protest Song

Crazy Fruit Day

Protest Posters Inspired by Ghosts of Gone Birds

Postcards from the Falls

Egg Day

Hands for Jack

Egg Update

Jelly and Ice Cream Day

Comic Strip Days

Why We’re Not Taking Stock of our Summer of Funner:

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Soap Day: Making Toy and Candy-Mold Soaps

Our First Paella, With a Recipe for the Next

Camp Snacks: Soft Lemon-Glazed Gingerbread Cookies and Cookie-Pops

Yesterday Books with Pop-Art Animal Olympians

Kids’ Movie Reviews


Olympian Self-Sufficiency: The Kids Make Supper by Themselves

Skylanders Portal of Power Birthday Cake

Outdoor Mural Phase One: Sketching from our Favourite Artists

Relish, Pickle, Replenish: It’s Cucumber Day

Summer Activism 101: The Kids Investigate the Mega-Quarry

Glam Cans 2012: Kid-Designed Canning Labels DIY

The Kids Make Street Eats (with Beer!): Pilsner Pretzels & Hops and Robbers Mustard

Mad Scientist Day 2012: Ten Sweet Experiments

The Imaginary Beasts of Riverdale Farm

A Movable Mural

Peach Day: Amaretto Peach Jam, Brown Sugar Vanilla Peach Jam and Giant Peach Butter

Summer of Funner 2012 Film Festival


School’s Out! Here’s Our 2013 Bucket List!

Yesterday Books, The 2013 Edition

DIY Skylanders Giants Birthday Party Invitations

Postcards from Boston

Summer Books: The Beowulf Notebooks One

Kid-Illustrated Definitions I: Utopia & Dystopia

Summer Books: The Beowulf Notebooks, Two

Kid-Drawn Story Cards & Story Telling Games

Summer Books: The Beowulf Notebooks, Three

Summer Books: Re-Telling Beowulf

Ice Paint Two-Ways

Exploring Toronto’s Neighbourhoods I: Mapping the City and our Beach Hill Neighbourhood

Strawberry [Cognac] Buttermilk Cake

Summer Books: Illustrating Bisclavret [The Lais of the Werewolf] and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Summer Books: Re-Producing Chaucer’s Nun’s Priest’s Tale and a “Classics Comics” DIY

Science Wiz: Climate Change in Canning Jars

Blueberry Peach Greek Yogurt Popsicles

Amazing Pink Lemonade Cream Bars

Pink Lemonade Jelly

Exploring Toronto’s Neighbourhoods: Yonge & Englinton and Sorel Etrog

Summer Books: Sketching the Faerie Queene

Painted Targets for Balls, Beanbags, Rockets, and Water Balloons

Colour, Cut & Build this Robot [Free Printable]

Easy Outdoor Birthday Bash

Birthday Surprise: Chocolate Milk Piñata Cake

Summer Books: Comparing Performances of Macbeth

“Ping Pong” and Paper Airplanes

The Peaches Cookbook, a Love Story [and Caramelized Peach Frozen Yogurt]

Summer Books:  Paradise Lost, Book 9, and Automatic Villian Poems

Summer Books: Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination & Poe-Inspired “Ghost Story Starters”

Backyard Campout Weekend

Pickle Day 2013: Make it Spicy!

Summer Books: Mapping Gulliver’s Travels

“Face” Painting

Summer Books: Imagine Like Bradbury! Story Sketches and Dystopian Novel “Teasers”

Summer of Funner Film Festival 2013: Dystopian and Urban Films

Thanks for a Fabulous Summer! Stay Tuned for The Lunchbox Season! 


Summer 2014: Love-to-Do List

Summer Books: Talking Heads and Sympathetic Wolves: Illustrating Aelfric’s Life of St. Edmund

Film Fest Night One: Dark Passage and The Man Without a Body

Dino S’mores! [With a Recipe for Super-Easy Dino Grahams]

Tie-Dye Party!

We “Art” Ability: Three Kids’ Drawing Exercises for the Non-Dominant Hand

Pink Tea! Kashmiri Chai Tea, Hot & Iced, Popsicles, Greek Yogurt Popsicles, Ice Cream Pops, & Slice-Cream Cake

Watch Unbreakable and Sample Peanut Butter Nutella “All Thumbs” Cookies

Foot Painting! Painting with our Feet!

Roasted Marshmallow Gelato [Crème Brulée Gelato]

Summer Books: The Kids Illustrate Treasure Island: Free Associative Drawing with Audio Books

Pirate Anatomy Posters

Minecraft Creeper Cupcake Cake

Family Film Fest Update

Empty Your Pockets for these Souvenir Cookies: Lemon Icebox Fossil Cookies with Impressions of Your Beach Walk or Vacay Baubles

101 Things to Look for at the Art Museum, from A to Z [Free Printable]

Kids DIY Stained Glass Window Clings

Summer Peach Buttermilk Clafoutis [low-sugar, grain & gluten-free]

The Kids Enjoy Two Evenings of Shakespeare in the Park

Kids DIY Mini Glittery Pop Rocks Bath Bombs

Summer Books: Sense and Sensibility Mad Libs [Free Printables]

Going Crazy with Hair Chalk

Summer Books: Kid-Drawn, “Modern” Sense and Sensibility Comics

Three Surrealist Games for Kids

FORTnight: Our Two-Week Campout Begins

THE BEST Homemade Donuts, with a Vanilla or Chocolate Glaze and a Jam or Jelly Filling

Summer Giving: Supporting the War Amps Champ Program

Film Fest Wrap Up

A Summer Instrument

The Kids BBQ By Themselves: Grilled Corn with a Spicy Rub and Sweet Potato Coins with at Spicy Garlic Aioli

Kid-Drawn “Cyborg Stories”

End of Summer Blind Tasting Picnic


Summer Nights…


Summer Love-To-Do List 2015

Three Super-Fun Ways to Prep the Kids for a Shakespeare Play [or Other Theatre]

Summer at the Stratford Festival: Kids’ Theatre Reviews

The Kids’ Summer Vacay Pics: Where to Eat, Shop, and Stay in Stratford, Ontario

Free Printable Pixels Movie Party Invitations

Summer of Awareness: Three Meditation Exercises for Kids and Families

Inspired by Babar: Stuffed Animal Yoga Sketches for Kids

Five Ways to Introduce Kids to a City’s Architecture

DIY Pacman [or any shape] Piñatas

Pin the Tail on the Donkey Kong [Free Printable Poster and Centipede “Tails”]

Summer Books: What the Kids are Reading

Easy Gorgeous Chocolate Covered Bananas

Date Almond Smoothie Freezer Pops

101 Things to Look for at the Natural History Museum [Free Printable]

Sweet and Spicy Fermented Pickles in a Mason Jar

Backyard Campout Blowout

Endless Summer Peach Almond Cake [Gluten and Sugar Free]

Backyard Summer Film Fest 2015 : Our Family’s Picks

Thanks for a Great Summer 2015


Summer 2016 Love-to-Do List

Elderflower Cake with St Germain Soak and Elderflower Mascarpone Frosting

Return to Stratford…

Kids Haiku Theatre Reviews from the Stratford Festival #sfhaiku

Summer of Funner Family Film Fest 2016 : The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week One : Casablanca and To Have and Have Not

Kids’ DIY Manga Selfies

Fizzy Water Kefirs: Lime Cardamom, Lemon Lavendar and Strawberry Vanilla

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week Two : Do the Right Thing and 12 Angry Men

DIY Poprocks? Try Our Sour Pink Lemonade Frizzantes

Kids’ Summer Challenge : Learn Enough Guitar to Perform a Cover Song

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 3: Rear Window and Rashomon

Shelfie Bookbag DIY

Let’s Pong! Playing Ping Pong in Toronto’s Public Parks

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week Four: Kids’ Picks! The Last Starfighter and The Count of Monte Cristo

Birthday Bombe Dot Com : DIY Ice Cream Piñata Cake

Kids’ Battle Bot Design

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 5 : Fahrenheit 451 and The Manchurian Candidate

Summer Books: What the Kids are Reading in 2016

Inspired by Farenheit 451 : Kids’ Wordless Comics DIY

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 6: Jaws and In the Heat of the Night

The Joys of Keeping Score : The Kids Track the Jays v. Rays

Kids’ Summer Challenge: Make a Short Film that Scares Us!

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 7: Jour de Fête and A Night at the Opera

Lemon Ginger Marmalade with Champagne and Elderflower

Surprise Sunrise Triathalon! Kids’ Yoga, Meditation, and Reading Challenge

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Week 8: Kings of Summer and Hope and Glory

10 Ways to Throw the Best Ever End of Summer Backyard Campout!

The Best Summer Movies of All Time, Final Week: The Philadelphia Story and Follow the Fleet

Thanks for one last, best Summer of Funner!