It’s a Lego Doctor Who Year’s Eve: Multi-Serial Marathon and Lego Building Challenges

Dr Who year's eve

It’s bordering on 2014…and for those as interested as our kids in the passage of (and through) time, it’s the perfect day and night for a multi-serial Doctor Who Marathon and some Dr. Who themed Lego Building Challenges. So get out your sonic screwdrivers [0r mix yourself one…] and you’re well on your way to a Fantastic Lego Doctor Who Year’s Eve!  First up, you’ll find our Lego Building Challenges, followed by our Top Ten Classic Serials and Links to Several Doctor Who Party Foods, Favours and Decorations for your browsing pleasure!!


Our Christmas Lego Building challenges were such a hit that we decided to make a new list of Lego Challenges for the kids to tackle, Doctor Who style… Tonight, we’ll get out all of our “spare parts” and try to build some Dr Who Themed lego structures.

Lego Doctor Who Building Challenges from The Lunchbox Season
Lego Doctor Who Building Challenges

Cassandra: “Moisturize Me!”
Weeping Angel
Sonic Screwdriver
The Twelve Doctors
The Companions
[especially Rose, Clara, Sarah Jane, Captain Jack, Barbara & Ian, Jamie & Victoria, Jo, The Brigadeer, Mike, & Romana]

UNIT Car or Jeep

Here are two fun Lego Doctor Who Links as inspiration for all of your Whovians! S. Locke’s Lego Folder Just Jon’s Tardis

Our Top Ten Faves
Today and tonight, we’ll be watching a sampling of the best of Classic Doctor Who, our fave episodes from this century, as well as the most recent Day of the Doctor and Doctor Who Christmas 2013 specials.  Just for fun, here’s a list of our family’s favourite serials from the Classic Television Series.

The Silurians [Pertwee]
Inferno [Pertwee]
Day of the Daleks [Pertwee]
Time Warrior [Pertwee]
Genesis of the Daleks [Baker]
Pyramids of Mars [Baker]
Brain of Morbius  [Baker] Deadly Assassin [Baker]
Tomb of the Cybermen [Troughton]
The Daleks [Hartnell]

What are your faves?

Ready to get your party on? Here are some amazing Doctor Who party foods, favours, and decor from around the internet!

BBC America’s Doctor Who Party Guide

Doodlecraft’s Doctor Who Party Week

Doodlecraft’s Doctor Who Party Favours

3 Chic Geeks: Doctor Who Premiere Party

Dalek Pizza

Cassandra Cookies

Foodbeast’s 50 Doctor Who Themed Party Snacks

And for the parents…

Sonic Screwdriver Recipe from BBC America

Stellafour’s Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Tardis Shot

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