Family Advent Calendar : Give a Bee Hive via Plan Canada Gifts of Hope #givingtuesday


On this #givingtuesday, which is also St. Lucy’s day, a day of light and hope, we’ll be suporting Plan Canada/Plan International by giving a Bee Hive! By purchasing the Buzzing Bees Gift of Hope, we will help pay for a hive, honeybees, and the essential training for a person or family to begin a family business. Not only will the hive support a family and help them send their children to school, the bees will help to pollinate the local crops, helping to create a sustainable economy and a healthier ecosystem.


Plan Canada/Plan International has a whole slew of amazing #GiftsofHope, starting at $10, which you can use to help support women and families around the world. Check them out!

Who are you supporting today? 

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