Family Advent Calendar : Write & Illustrate a Beastly Christmas Tale


Today, everyone in the family is going to Write and Illustrate a Beastly Christmas Tale.

What does that mean? Well, that’s where interpretation comes in. What’s a “beast”? And what does “beastly” mean? I’m going to leave this up to the kids to decide. I’m asking them to write anything from a brilliant post-card story to a twenty-page saga. Then, they’ll provide one illustration or a piece of cover art to wow us!

Who knows what they’ll make of it. Will they draw on our reading of Beowulf or Bisclavret (The Lais of the Werewolf) from a few summers ago? Will they take some of the characters from the books they received on All Hallows’ Read in October and write a Christmas sequel? Will we hear the story of the nativity from the perspective of the cattle or the ox or a barn mouse? Will we hear of the most “beastly Christmas” ever suffered by one mixed-up family? Who knows? But I’m super-excited to find out! And I’m thrilled to set some time aside today to write and illustrate my own!


Why don’t you join us?

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