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Contractor Cookies from thelunchboxseason

Contractor Cookies [and Bathroom Pics]

Last week, we baked up a few batches of cookies to give to our contractors for all of the hard work they did on the bathroom. Barring the glass work [window and shower enclosure] which must, of necessity, come afterward, it took a mere nine working days for them to gut, replumb, tile and install […]

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First Communion Fun

Today is Toby’s First Communion, and so we thought we’d share the fun we had preparing for the big day with our Easy Hand-Drawn Gift Wrap and our Marbled Oreo First Communion Cake. Easy Hand-Drawn Gift Wrap First off, here’s a little photo gallery of the wrapping I did for some of his gifts!  Toby loves […]

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Saying Thank You from thelunchboxseason dot com

Saying “Thank You”

Saying “Thank You” is looking to be the theme of the month (not that we’ve ever had a “theme of the month” before…). And, we’re starting off by sending a home-made note to the Royal Conservatory School. We recently had word that Tobes received a scholarship for his excellent “Prep B” piano exam last January. […]

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