Quick & Easy Hunger Games Catching Fire Birthday Party Invitations

QUICKANDEASUHUNGERGAMESINVITESA certain person’s 10th birthday is coming up!  On one of the evenings of the film’s opening weekend, she’ll be taking a group of friends to see the next film in the Hunger Games Saga: Catching Fire.  She’s been talking about it with friends for weeks, but we thought it was about time to disseminate the official invitations.

Below, you’ll see a neutralized sample that you can use as a guide to creating invites of your own:
Sample Catching Fire Invite

If you’d like to make the same or something similar, feel free to copy the image below and use your favourite photo editing software to manipulate it to your liking. You should be able to use this image for an invitation to any sort of Hunger Games Party, no matter the film or the specific book in the series you wish to reference for your celebration.
Basic Catching Fire Graphic for Invitation

How Did We Make Ours?
First, we created the blank image above using a screen shot of a mocking jay pin that has been flooding the web.
[We figured that since the image was everywhere, we weren’t stepping on any toes.]
Next, we uploaded the blank image above to the free online photo editing site ipiccy [http://www.ipiccy.com].
With the “Layers” functionality, we added several text boxes with all of the pertinent information.
For all of our text boxes, we chose the “Comfortaa” font.
We changed the colour of each text box by clicking on the “colour” box, choosing the “Radial Gradient” box [at the top left of the box of three blue colour styles that appear]), and by using either the orange and yellow colour to which it defaults or by shifting those colours to slightly darker reds.
Then, we saved the picture and printed it out on 4×6 photo paper to disseminate to friends.

Can’t Invite Everyone This Year?
If you have limits as to the number of guests you are allowed to bring or that you have chosen to entertain at a birthday party, then it’s likely your child isn’t going to be inviting everyone in his or her class. Why not go “retro” and have them bring home a list of the kids’ home addresses?!  This way, you can actually mail the invites to the invitees or drop them off in certain mailboxes around the neighbourhood instead of alienating the others in the class by performing a Hunger-Games Style cull. Your child can ask the kids for their addresses on the sly or simply as if they are collecting information for their own personal “address book” of the whole class.  Or, if you’re lucky, you’ll already have a published list of student or parent information at your fingertips!  Bea’s almost done collecting her info, and we’ll be mailing hers out over the weekend!


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    This was so helpful! I love this idea! Thank you so much!