The Lunchbox Season’s Top 10 Gifts for the Kitchen + a Soundtrack



After this morning’s post about our Christmas Dinner Plans and my Christmas Wish List, so many of you asked about my favourite holiday gifts, I thought I’d draw up a shopping list for YOU.

[Prices, in Canadian Dollars, are quoted at time of posting and are not necessarily the prices we paid for those items on the list we actually purchased. For those items, we did best to look for discounts and promo codes! You should do the same!]

The Lunchbox Season’s Top 10 Gifts for the Kitchen + a Soundtrack

1. You know I love a good tea towel. And, Avril Loreti’s 2017 Calendar Tea Towel in Blue is the perfect holiday hostess, cook, or wine-bottle-wrapping gift! I actually WON one of these on an Instagram giveaway a few months back. And, I picked up a few more on sale in blue and white at the One of a Kind Show & Sale last week. 2017 Calendar Tea Towel in Blue $24.59 each,
2. I’ve been longing for a Le Creuset Braiser for over a decade. So, last month, when we found a fabulous sale price, we finally took the plunge! Le Creuset 3.2 L/3.4 Qt Braiser in Carribean. $244.99 Sale Price at the amazing Williams Food Equipment
3.  As I said, you can never have enough tea towels. And this whimsical aquatic tea-towel that I picked up on sale at the One of a Kind Show makes my heart sing! Another one to wrap a gift in or to hang “for show” over the kitchen sink. Keephouse 2017 Calendar Tea Towel. $28 at
4. I’ve always wanted to make Madeleines. But I’ve never had the pans. This Fox Run Madeleine Pan is on my Christmas-2016- slash-Birthday-2017 Love-to-Try list! Fox Run Madeleine Pan $18
5. I have a fond memory of eating popovers with chopped cherry jam with good friends at a certain water-front cottage in Wisconsin. Will I ever recreate that meal? Not unless I put this Chicago Metallic 6-Cup Non-Stick Popover Pan on my wish-list. $21.89 at
6. A few weeks ago, the wonderful Bianca posted a picture of Short Stack Editions cookbook on social media, I went absolutely nuts! Short Stack, where have you been all my life? I’d definitely love to find Ginger, by Mandy Fox in my stocking $14.00. I also wouldn’t mind if Santa’s little helpers splurged for a 1 Year Subscription to Short Stack $75 at
7. After I posted about this apron back on Mother’s day, Santa finally hit the “send” button for this Japanese-style Cross-Back Linen Apron in Black$95 Objective.
8. If this book doesn’t show up next to the cocktail shaker before New Year’s Eve, I don’t know what I’m going to do! I can’t wait to get my hands on the key to ordering drinks, preparing drinks, and stocking a proper cart! Drinks: A Users Guide, by Adam Mcdowell, $24.32 Chapters Indigo.

9. You know you are loved when you have your eye on the prettiest kitchen tools and your significant other finds the Friends and Family pormotion coupons so you can get a deal. We grabbed these Copper Nesting Measuring Cups & Spoons, $102.42, from Williams Sonoma at a reduced rate this fall.
10. This new cookie bible is on the top of my cookbook wishlist this season! In fact, it’s my Family Book Swap choice for 2016! Can’t wait to get the flour all over Dorie’s Cookies by Dorie Greenspan, $36.71, Chapters Indigo.
+ a Soundtrack
11. We’re not throwing away our shot! We need a Srsly super soundtrack for cooking Christmas Dinner, New Year’s Feast and everything 2017. I have a feeling that the Hamilton Mixtape (care of 13-yo-Bea’s Christmas list) will bring the kind of heat we’re looking for! Hamilton Mixtape, Uncensored Edition, Various-Artists $17.58


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