Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 6, Create Your Own Christmas-Themed “Clue”-Style Board Game

“It was the Grinch, in Santa’s Workshop, with the Yule Log!”

The kids are already experts at re-designing existing board games to suit their puposes. Last Spring, they had so much fun playing Clue at their grandparents’ house that they came home and created their own copy-cat version, substituting some of the characters, rooms, and weapons in the original game with their own inventions. They added a Harry Potter “Potions Room,” and created both game pieces and weapons out of Lego. They also created character cards with a specifically Pokemon sensibility. This river has certainly not run dry….So, today, we’re asking the kids to create a Christmas-Themed board game based upon the beloved original.

Christmas-Themed “Clue”-Style Board Game

Markers/Crayons/Coloured Pencils
Approximately 28-30 blank index cards
An envelope to hold those cards.
A Single Die
Legos or other “trinkets” and small toys to use as game-pieces and “weapons”
Glue Stick

Cut a piece of cardboard into a large rectangle or square and, using a ruler, draw a grid of 1 or 2 cm squares. across the board.
Have the kids use different coloured markers to trace the outlines of 8-10 “rooms” on the grid.
Name the rooms.
Mark in the doors or entrances to each room as well as any secret passageways between rooms at some distance from one another on the board.
[You can also cut rooms out of pretty coloured paper and glue them down onto the cardboard grid.]

Create 1-sided “Rooms” Cards on blank index cards, 1 card for each room.
Spend time designing 6-8 characters for the game and creating their character cards on blank index cards.
Use legos or trinkets to identify these characters/gamepieces.
Create 6-8 weapons for the game out of legos and trinkets and create matching weapons cards as wtih the rooms and character cards above.
By hand or using a computer table or spreadsheet program, create a tally sheet on which you list characters weapons and rooms with checkboxes by their side for players to use to keep track of their accusations during the game.
Reproduce this tally sheet on a computer or photocopier to have on hand for this and any future game day!
Use the rules from your original Clue board game to play your homemade holiday-specific Clue-style game!_______________

The kids had a great time making their Christmas game today. Here are the weapons, characters and rooms they came up with:

Poison Egg Nog
Reindeer Whip
Naughty-Nice Book
“Loaded” Snowball
String of Lights

Santa Claus
Mrs. Claus
Penny Penguin
Olive the Other Reindeer

Cookie-Baking Room
Stable (Secret Passage to Sleigh Room)
Elf Dormitory (Secret Passage to Dressing Room)
Storybook Room
Sleigh Room (Secret Passage to Stable)
Dressing Room (Only access is through secret passage from Elf Dormitory)
Map Room
Carolling Room
Toy Workshop

20121206-184028.jpg 20121206-184035.jpg 20121206-184048.jpg 20121206-184003.jpg

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