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Lego Survivor

Making Fire by Chance: Lego Survivor

On the way home from school, the kids were getting a little…well…to put it mildly….”restless.”  They were, however, looking forward to watching the newest episode of Survivor, and so we got a little mileage out of making predictions for what would happen to the “tribes” later on in the evening. Unfortunately, the train ride became […]

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A Little Weekend Cartooning

A Little Weekend Cartooning…

Taking a cue from some of the awesome cartooning workshop that Blaise held for the kids a few summers ago, the kids decided to have a look at their old cartoons from 2011, and to do a bit of fresh cartooning. As one practiced piano, the other began to create a one-page, six panel cartoon […]

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Snapshots from Word on the Street

Snapshots from Word on the Street

Word on the Street, Canada’s Book & Magazine Festival, has got to be one of the most awesome events held in the city of Toronto [and across the country] all year long! WOTS! WOTS? What’s better than a park full of books and magazines and book and magazine people?  Personally, I can’t think of much…. This […]

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Bakesale Bestsellers III Double Chocolate Mars Bar Meteors

Bakesale Bestsellers III: Double Chocolate Mars Bar Meteors [Cookies]

It’s bakesale time again at school!  Will these Double Chocolate Mars Bar Meteors be this year’s bestsellers? Well, at the rate they’re going here at home, there might not be any left for the bakesale… Double Chocolate Mars Bar Meteors? What are those? Fudgy, brownie-soft cookies packed with chocolate chips and chunks of Mars bar, with […]

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Brown Sugar Funfetti Spritz

weekly trEAT: Brown Sugar Funfetti Spritz

It’s our first new weekly trEAT of the 2013-14 school year!  We wanted to make something simple and snack-sized for the small containers the kids have been throwing into their new, soft lunch bags, so we opted for a holiday classic, the Spritz cookie. But we “schooled up” our spritz by giving them a fun, confetti […]

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We’re Going On Three! What’s Our Birthday Present? A New Facebook Page!

Please note: With the advent of my new website, Smelling Salts Journal, these old facebook pages are now defunct.  Please visit and “like” Smelling Salts Journal Facebook Page for all the latest! Hello all! To celebrate the close of our third Summer of Funner [Check out our Summer 2013 Archive Here!] and the beginning of our third […]

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Great News! We’re a Part of!

The Lunchbox Season has one fantastic announcement to make! We are now a Contributing Member  for, Canada’s newest destination for all things parenting! [Please Note: Parentdish Canada has since rebranded as HuffPost Canada Parents!] We’re looking forward to contributing to the site and sharing our own posts with a wider audience! And a Warm Welcome to […]

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Fall Bucket List 2013

The Lunchbox Season is Back! Here’s Our Fall 2013 Bucket List!

School’s back in session, and you know what that means! It’s time for another fall-thick magazine of posts at The Lunchbox Season! To kick things off, we’re providing a little inspiration board for autumn! Our Summer of Funner Bucket List provided such a great guide for us that we decided to create a Fall 2013 […]

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fall changes

Get Ready for Some Changes!

There are going to be some exciting changes here at The Lunchbox Season as well as at our sister site, Summer of Funner. We are in the process of transferring the websites to a self-hosted format. We’re also re-designing our classic look! So, if things look a little strange for a while…keep in mind, “we’re decorating!!” Still, […]

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