March breACK! 2014: Design Your Own Shields & Mottoes and Have a Living Room Tournament!

Kid-Designed Shields & Mottoes made with stuff from around the house
Today, the hero of our March breACK! story, Bearicles, finds himself washed up on an island. Reunited with his now-rusty suit of armour, he travels to a tournament, where he wins the day and the fair lady-bear!  One exciting part of this tournament is when all of the bear-knights present their beautifully designed shields and latin mottoes [catch phrases] to the witty princess. She and her father-bear have good fun interpreting them at the tournament, letting us know a little more about the character and desires of each of the bear-knights competing for honour and love.

After we read our story, I asked the kids to take sheets of scrap paper and to design their own shield shapes, symbols and mottoes. Then, they foraged around the house for craft materials [pizza boxes, a roll of paper, and sect tape, anyone?], and they created their own shields complete with crests and mottoes which said a little about their own wants and desires. Bea’s Motto? The Flower is the Heart of the Bear. Toby’s Motto? Neptune’s Turtle “Shell” Bring Love.  Finally, we located some old foam swords and we hosted a friendly family “tournament” in the living room, the kids presenting their shields to the line of stuffed bears that sat as King and Princess of the day. 

Here’s a little DIY for you! What would be your motto or crest?

Kids!! Design your own shields and mottoes

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