MARCH breACK! 2013: Spirit Bear Dice Game

Spirit Bear Dice Game

It’s time for some Spirit Bear Math!

Today, the kids are going to have some numbers practice. I’ve created a Spirit Bear Dice Game. They’ll roll a pair of dice and either add or multiply the numbers. If they get the answer right, they’ll place a candy (gummy bears, m&m’s, or chocolate chips) in the honeycomb, colour it in, or both. When the bear is completely full, they’ll be able to clear his “belly” and eat the candies.  This is meant to be a fun, non-competitive game. You can print one page out for each kid or complete a single page as a family.  Also, the game is flexible in that the younger kids can add, while the older kids can multiply or even square the numbers before adding them together. If you’d like, however, you might easily make this a competitive game by counting x’s versus o’s, particular colours of m&m’s or gummy bears, etc. to find a winner. Today, the kids ended up getting out some of their multi-sided (14+) dice to increase the challenge.



Here’s a slightly less crisp-looking printable: PDF: Spirit Bear Dice Game.

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