Family Advent Calendar, Day 14: Make and Play Holiday Floor Scramble

Floor Scramble!
The kids had so much fun making and playing their own Christmas Clue Game last year, that we knew it was time for another Christmas re-do of a family favourite!  This year, we’ll be creating larger sized “Scramble” tiles and playing a Christmas “Scramble” on the living room floor. Here’s how we’ll make it and how we’ll play!

Holiday Floor Scramble from the Lunchbox Season

100 Blank Index Cards [we are using 5×8]
Large Markers or a Computer/Printer
A Scramble Distribution Chart [see below]
1 Large Stocking or Santa Hat
4 stockings, baskets, boxes or tins
Paper and Pencil for Keeping Score
Instructions [see below]

How to Make the Game
[on the computer with our free printables]
Download one of these two documents
Word Document: Holiday Word Scramble Printable for 5×8 index cards from   
PDF: Holiday Word Scramble Printable for 5×8 index cards from thelunchbox
Print on 100 5×8 Index Cards.
Trim square with scissors if desired.
[on the computer with your own font]
Leave 2 cards blank.
Download the Scramble Font by Byte-Sized Computing, or google “free Scramble font” to download.
Format a page in your word processing software to suit your size of index card [we used 5×8]
On 98 of the 100 Index Cards, print a letter in Scramble Font from the Scramble Chart [below]
[We used 325 font with narrow margins, printing portrait style]
Cross that letter off of the chart.
Trim square with scissors if desired.
[by hand]

Leave 2 cards blank.
On 98 of the 100 Index Cards, write a large plain letter from the Scramble Chart [below].
Write that letter’s point value to the lower right hand corner of the letter itself.
Cross that tile off  of the chart.
Trim square with scissors if desired.

Christmas Scramble Distro

How to Play the Game
[2-4 players or teams]

Clear the living room floor.
Shuffle the Cards.
Place the cards in a large stocking or santa hat.
Each player removes 7 cards from the stocking.
Players place these cards in their own stocking, basket, box, or tin.
The first player spells a word horizontally or vertically on the living room floor.
Each successive player plays a word that hooks onto an existing word.
Players add the points on the tiles they’ve played to accumulate a score.
Players who play all 7 tiles [a bingo] receive 125 points on top of their score.
2-4 letter Christmas or holiday-themed words receive a double word score.
5+ letter Christmas or Holiday themed words receive a triple word score.
Christmas or Holiday bingos receive a triple word score and 125 points.
Christmas or Holiday proper names [St. Nick, Rudolph, Mary] are acceptable.
Play ends when all tiles have been played.
Everybody wins, but the person or team with the most points gets a Christmas cookie or a kiss under the mistletoe.

[To print these instructions, copy and print the image below or save this Word Doc: HOLIDAY FLOOR SCRAMBLE Instructions from The Lunchbox Season.doc or PDF: HOLIDAY FLOOR SCRAMBLE Instructions from the Lunchbox Season.pdf.]
Printable Holiday Floor Scramble Instructions from the Lunchbox Season

Floor Scramble Image


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