Family Advent Calendar : Adopt an Animal from WWF Canada #givingtuesday


It’s the first #GivingTuesday of Advent. And, today, the kids will once again adopt an animal from WWF Canada. With each symbolic adoption (or, the purchase of a stuffed animal), funds go to support the species of your choice and other at-risk species around the world.


Of course, I am sure Bea will want to adopt a Narwhal, which is new to WWF’s symbolic adoption list this year!  Narwhals are facing threats from habitat loss, ocean noise and climate change. And, a symbolic adoption will help WWF-Canada secure the long-term survival of Arctic species like the narwhal as well as others. As for Toby, it looks like Caribou time. Wouldn’t you choose a caribou?

For more information on how WWF Canada works to support a greener, living planet, check out their website.

What will you give today? 

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