Framing Gulliver’s Travels

Framing Gulliver's Travels

Happy New Year!

As is our way, we took the first few weeks in January to re-group after our outrageous 2013 Family Advent Calendar escapades.  Of course, we haven’t actually had much time to rest.  We’ve had the usual back to school rush, albeit with a bit more snow and ice to tackle along the way.  We also found we had a pipe-about-to-burst in need of replacing. [Ouch!]   A dog in need of grooming. [At least, the appointment’s made.]  And, most importantly, the kids had another round of RCM Piano examinations, which, as the years go by, require more and more intensive preparation. Needless to say, we didn’t really have the time to put up our feet or to “re-fresh” the Lunchbox Season, either.

This weekend, though, we finally got to do a little bit of the unwinding we’d all been desperate for! There’s nothing like a quiet hour on a Friday night in which everyone is doing their own thing! Then, then, a loud bang in Bea’s room.  Sweet girl, she yelled down right away to let us know everything was alright. Apparently, a very large, plastic toy horse [a precious hand-me-down from her cousin] had been so fatigued by or frustrated with his American Girl companion that he had fallen over, hard, ker-plonk.  This got us all wondering, cheekily, whether we should interpret this “sign” as a good or bad omen for the upcoming Chinese New Year, 2014, “The Year of the Horse.”  It also got us talking about last summer’s reading — the kids’ love of the Houyhnhnms, those very “reasonable” horses in Gulliver’s Travels. Over the past few hectic weeks, had we, ourselves, behaved more like Yahoos or Houyhnhms? 

And, then, it hit me, I had forgotten about the maps! How had I forgotten about the maps?

Last Summer, the kids created some beautiful maps of Gulliver’s Travels. I fell in love with them instantly, promising myself to farm them forthwith. [Is six months “forthwith?”]  This weekend, I finally got around to framing them.  Our local art store, DeSerres, had some fantastic simple black photo frames for under $10 each. So, with a glass of wine not too far out of reach, I trimmed the edges of the paper and set the drawings up in their new frames. Easy work. No work at all. No. Restful. Relaxing, even:

Toby's Gulliverz Map Framed Bea's Gulliver's Travels, Framed

Late Christmas Present? Early [Milestone] Birthday Present? Happy Everything to Me!!!!
The Kids' Mapes of Gulliver's Travels, Framed

Now, where will we put them?  I’m thinking that I might want to put them in the bathroom, perhaps somewhere near the tub, where we can gaze on them as we dream below the bubbles and hot water…In any case,  I hope it doesn’t take another six months to decide!!

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