Saying “Thank You”

Saying Thank You from thelunchboxseason dot comSaying “Thank You” is looking to be the theme of the month (not that we’ve ever had a “theme of the month” before…). And, we’re starting off by sending a home-made note to the Royal Conservatory School.

We recently had word that Tobes received a scholarship for his excellent “Prep B” piano exam last January.  As part of the excitement, the Conservatory requests that the recipient write them a note or letter of thanks to let the board know about the student’s particular interests in music and anything else they’d like to say about themselves.  Congratulating Tobes, and handing him a plain notecard, I gave him “carte blanche” to do whatever he wanted by way of expressing his thanks. Tobes got out a green marker and a black pen and got to work. He decided that a “Thank You Turtle” best represented himself, and so he decided to draw one on the front of his card. He also drew a loose outline of a turtle on the front of the envelope so that we could enclose the address of the recipient in something similar.  His message of thanks extended onto the back of the note-card, where he described how much he is enjoying playing the book of “Studies” that goes along with his new Grade 1 repertoire.

We’ll have a lot of thanks to extend this month (some of them ridiculously long overdue)…so stay tuned!!

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