MARCH breAK! 2012: Snake Sock Puppets

Today, we finished reading and illustrating our book,  A Study in Emerald. To celebrate, we munched on Frogwiches (homemade gingerbread sandwich cookies), and we made sock puppets of all the major characters in our story. When the kids were done, we got out the old doorway puppet theatre I made way back before Bea was born, and they put on a puppet production of the story!  I’ve posted a Gallery of pictures just below, and a DIY/How-to for the puppets at the bottom of the page.

 Snake Sock Puppet Gallery

Sir Lochrann Holmes and Seann McUaitson

Detectives Gallagher and Na’Sraide

Siobhan/Cailloan and Haggerty

The Pythons: Strangerson and Drebber

Wiggins, the snake-urchin and Mrs. Houghston, the landlady

Mrs. Limerick and her son, David

Irene Adder
The Nest
(Seann Clancy was not availble for a photo today.)

Our Puppet Theatre from 2003 is still in use!
The puppets in action!

DIY Snake Sock Puppets


Googly Eyes
Hot Glue and Gun
A large, old wooden or metal spoon

Choose a pairs of googly eyes, and a few inches of ribbon into a forked tongue for each puppet.

Wiggle the sock down over a large old spoon.

Glue eyes just below the seam at the foot of the sock.
Flip spoon around so that you can’t see the eyes/seam of the sock.
Glue about 1 inch of the ribbon down, pattern side down down the centre towards the tip.

Let cool for a moment before removing the puppet from spoon.

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