MARCH breAK! 2012: A Study in Emerald, Day 5, Story and Illustrations

We just finished reading and illustrating A Study in Emerald! Today, the kids used chalk pastels dipped in water, oil pastels, and woodless coloured pencils to complete their cover pages for the book, as well as their illustrations for the seventh and final chapter. Afterwards, they indulged in Gallagher’s Favourite Frogwiches (ginger sandwich cookies) and they made Snake Sock Puppets, putting on a condensed puppet production of the entire book! I’ve provided something of a summary of our final chapter, below. A gallery of the kids’ illustrations follows.

Summary: A Study in Emerald, Chapter Seven, A Light in the Darkness
Na’Sraide shares the details of Strangerson’s murder. Since he hasn’t returned to the serpent police station yet, he has some of the evidence from the crime-scene with him. Insepcting a bakery box of Amphibian Farls, which, unlike Mrs. Houghston’s lovely frog breads, appear to be full of small bones and soaked in what appears to be some kind of syrup, Holmes exclaims that he has solved the case. He then feeds the farls to McUaitson’s pet doormouse, Edgar Allen, in order to test his theories, exulting in the dramatic conclusio to the old mouse’s life (no worries, he’s packing an antidote!). Gobsmacked, Gallagher and Na’Sraide appeal to Holmes to reveal the name of the culprit. Rather than naming the murderer, however, Holmes, with the help of the street-urchin Wiggins, lures the culprit right up into the coiling-room of 221B Barrow street. But who dunnit, in the end? And who was the murderer’s wily, female-snake of an accomplice? And just why were they bent on seeking “Revenge”? You didn’t think we were going to let the snake out of the bag, did you? …. Ah now, you’ll just have to wait for us to edit and publish our story… We WILL tell you, however, that while the case comes to a full resoultion, A Study in Emerald concludes with the suggestion of a fresh new adventure for McUaitson and Holmes. Later that morning, the mysterious Eireen Adder steals her way into the coiling-room at 221B, begging for assistance… It seems she thinks she’s being followed.

Cover Art & Illustrations


Book Cover, A New Portrait of Sir Lochrann Holmes

Amphibian Farls Soaked in Poison

Edgar Allen on his little throne

Haggerty in a Neck-cuff


Book Cover, the Pythons, Strangerson and Drebber, on a ferry to Ireland

Eireen Adder, A Very Special Portrait

Sir Lochrann Holmes in a thought bubble or a thinking fog…

Edgar Allen must choose between two Amphibian Farls
“Let’s see which one he eats.”

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