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Feature Day 17 Advent 2014

Write-It Wednesday: Holiday Haiku Challenge

Write-It Wednesday Holiday Haiku Challenge Haiku: a 17 syllable poem, typically written in lines of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. Today, we are going to go all “twelve-days-of-Christmas” and try to write 12 holiday-inspired haiku in a hurry. Check out the prompt below for some possible topics. I’ll post the results as they become available! And, […]

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Feature Advent 2014 Day 10

Write-It Wednesday: Use a Line from ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas as the Inspiration for your own Poem or Story

Write-It Wednesday Use a line from Clement Clarke Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” a.k.a. “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas” as the inspiration for your own poem or story! Today, we’re doing some free-writing based on a Christmas classic.  Using the prompt above, the kids will create their own Christmas or not-so-Christmas poem or  story. […]

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Feature Day 3 Advent 2014

Write-It Wednesday: Compose and Perform an Original Christmas Carol

Today is the first of our Write-It Wednesdays. The day’s task? Compose and perform an original Christmas Carol! Ways to get started…  If you’re having trouble thinking of your own song, try putting new words to an old classic. Then, try to change the melody a bit. Make a list of some sort and write the song from […]

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