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Our Best Chewy Granola Bars, A Flexible Recipe

Welcome back to The Lunchbox Season! | We’re looking forward to another school year full of family fun, featuring art projects, writing workshops, math craziness, canning bliss, advent calendar and march break olympics, and recipes galore. Here’s a “weekly treat” to get things rolling. For the first full week of school, I sought to improve […]

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Cleaning Out The Lunchbox: Chewy M&M and Oreo Brownies

It’s the Last Week of School! There’s no better way to get the kids to “clean out” their Lunchboxes than to make an absolutely amazing Lunchbox Treat that will have them searching for the very last crumb…. Chewy M&M and Oreo Brownies Here’s a riff on our Cook’s Illustrated Inspired “Block Party Brownies” from the […]

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MARCH breAK! 2012: Frogwiches! Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies with Vanilla or Citrus Cream

Gallagher’s Favourite “Frogwiches”: Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies with Vanilla or Citrus Cream Today’s the Last Day of our Illustrate-Your-Own-Book project for MARCH breAK!, and it’s time, once again, to make a treat drawn from our book, A Study in Emerald. In Chapter Six of our seven chapter tale, snake-detective Gallagher feasts on “Frog Sandwich Cookies” as […]

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chocolate chip toffee bit cookies

Advent Shadowbox: Day 1, Baking Cookies

November 27, 2011 First Day of Advent  28 Days ‘til Christmas No Time to Sit Around & Wait! It’s Time to Test New Recipes For Santa’s Cookie Plate! This is what the kids will see on the hallway table when they come down the steps this morning: And this is what they’ll read on the […]

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Cookie Meteors Recipe The Lunchbox Season dot com

Bakery Knock-Offs for Beginners: Cookie Meteors (No Nuts)

September 18, 2011 We’re paying homage to a favourite (unnamed) local bakery with this week’s lunchbox treat: COOKIE METEORS Insert yourself into the little tale below. Then, try the recipe! ____________________________________ It’s the kind of treat you’d empty your pockets for. There’s this bakery downtown that sells a certain chocolate chocolate chip cookie. This cookie’s […]

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2 x 2 Ways To Resuscitate Those “Lunchboxed” Bananas

September 15, 2011 I guess the kids don’t like to peel their own bananas. What goes to school fresh and lively in the lunchbox comes back home bruised and blackened. Towards the middle of the week, there’s nothing left to do but cut your losses, cope, …oh, and vow never to buy bananas again. Or, maybe […]

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Fruit Leather 101

We just couldn’t begin The Lunchbox Season without an experiment in the kitchen! Welcome to FRUIT LEATHER 101! I try to put something homemade into our school lunches each week. Over the long weekend, I looked into the possibility of making oven-dried “fruit leather,” that is, the natural, low sugar, corn-syrup-free version of the prepackaged […]

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