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Have Yourself a Canadian Little Christmas: Make Fudge! Our Recipe for Penuche, Butterscotch Fudge with Pralines

  Today’s Family Advent Calendar post is also part of an amazing media exchange! I’m working with some fantastic online magazines to help you Have Yourself a Canadian Little Christmas. See the links on the bottom of the page for all of the other makers and innovators who are participating in today’s #canadianlittlechristmas and check out their inspiring […]

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Cold Stars and Newly Minted Moons: Homemade Peppermint Patties

We’ve definitely had a galactic mint trend going on this week with our “Imagined Galaxies” March breACK! For our final March BreACK! treat, we’re tackling a homemade version of one of the kids’ new faves, one I’ve loved for a long time: the Peppermint Patty.  It took me a while working with different recipes to […]

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Feature Ices 250

Elderflower Ices and Snow Ice Cream

We’ve made a pact. This year, any time it snows, we are going to put bowls out on the back porch to collect the snow for ices and ice cream.  Our most recent triumphs have included elderflower ices or icees and a snow ice cream made with sweetened condensed milk. Here’s how we make them! Enjoy! Nourishing the Weather: […]

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Feature Day 15 Advent 2014

Make-Ahead Monday: Hot Chocolate Bombs and Microwaveable Mitten Warmers

Make Ahead Monday Hot Chocolate Bombs and Microwaveable Mitten Warmers It’s been COOOOLLLD this winter. Today, we’re making “bombs” to toss into a glass of warm milk to make hot chocolate as well as these awesome patterned microwaveable hand warmers to keep our fingers cozy in a storm. Both are great for stocking stuffers and hostess or holiday […]

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Honeycomb Sponge Toffee Cinder Toffee Hokey Pokey Recipe

Family Advent Calendar, Day 3: Honeycomb and Turkish Delight

“It is a lovely place, my house,” said the Queen. “I am sure you would like it. There are whole rooms full of Turkish Delight.” – The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe This year, we have a new feature on Advent Tuesdays! “Treats the Kids Have Never Tried Before” Today, we’ll be making Honeycomb […]

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an icing tasting party

An Icing Tasting Party

This weekend is all about the run-up to Bea’s 9th Birthday. Last year, we hosted the big craft-heavy birthday pARTy for Bea and her girlfriends [see our pARTy archives for all of the details]. On the kids’ odd-numbered birthdays, however, we host family-only affairs. Since Bea’s big day falls at the end of a long […]

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MARCH breAK! 2012: Shamrock S’mores

Sir Lóchrann Holmes’ Favourite SHAMROCK S’MORES with Homemade Mint Marshmallows and Chocolate Graham Crackers from Scratch “I attempted to while away the time reading while my companion meditated over one of his Shamrock S’mores, an original choice at that hour in the morning, but then, Sir Lóchrann had rather original eating habits.” — A Study in Emerald, Ch. 2  […]

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