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Get Your Love On: Beet Cranberry and Coconut Milk Soup [Vegan]

Towards the end of January, I tend to start thinking pink. So, for our final Wednesday Soup of the season, I came up with a super soup of beets and cranberries with coconut milk and amazing subtle spices.  It tastes great hot OR cold. All we need is a heart-shaped saucepan to cook it in! Tee-hee! No! What we […]

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Roasted Carrot Soup with Lentils, Preserved Lemon, and Ras el Hanout

Every year, in the spring, I start to crave carrots like nobody’s business. This usually escalates until I make at least one if not two carrot dishes for Easter supper. [Oh, and carrot birthday cake…don’t get me started on carrot birthday cake…] This year’s carrot craving came early – in the fall of 2014, and it […]

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Chicken Soup with Za’atar, Lemon, and Parsnips

I’ve been trying to plan our 2015 March BreACK!, which means having a look back at last year’s amazing Mediterranean week.  The thing I long for the most is the taste of our Cheese and Za’atar Manakeesh, those lovely seasoned flatbreads the kids gobble up like pizza. [Toby still won’t eat the za’atar, but Bea […]

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Recreating a Deli Classic: Creamy Cucumber & Dill Pickle Soup

On the other end of the city, near my family doctor’s office, I have a favourite cafe. It’s called Bread & Roses. I tend to book my check-ups before the lunch hour so that I can stop there to eat [the turkey & cranberry-sauce sandwich is fabola!], and to take home dinner for the family: a […]

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