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It’s Lilac Season Again!

It’s lilac season once again! And, our backyard lilacs are more fragrant than ever! So, before I run off for a well-earned ladies weekend, I thought I’d send you back to last year’s amazing lilac ideas!  Click either one of the images below to be transported to the post and recipes:

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Preserved Kumquats

The month of May is all about nourishing our bellies and our souls here at The Lunchbox Season!  And here are four amazing ingredients which, when “preserved” together, make a delicious flavouring for your tagines, stews and roasts, your salad dressings, and your bevvies: Salt, Kumquats, Cinnamon and Cardamom Ever since our trip to California […]

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Ras El Hanout , Our House Recipe

Can it have been that long since our Mediterranean-themed March Break? Last month, I used the last teaspoon of our big-fancy-store-bought Ras el Hanout spice blend. Planning on another Moroccan Tagine for Sunday supper, I went out a whole day early to replace my beloved bottle, only to find that said fancy-shop-in-which-we-can-really-only-afford-the-spices had discontinued production! What was I […]

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Make Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce and Carrot Cake Jam

Hello, again! And again! There are certain things we do over and over, because, well, they are fantastic! Today, we’re making our famous Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce and Carrot Cake Jam to serve at the holidays and to give away as last minute gifts, you know, for the whozits and whatsits who show up at […]

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Fiery Ferments: House Made Kimchi

This is a great time of year for Napa Cabbage. With one stab at fermenting firmly under our belts [our summer pickles], this weekend, we decided we’d tackle one of our favourite fiery sides: Kimchi. There are a bazillion Kimchi recipes out there to choose from. But, the technique is basically the same. Soak cabbage in […]

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Lemon Lilac Mini Muffins with Lilac Simple Syrup & Lemon Glaze

It’s lilac-glorious-lilac season. On the weekend, Bea challenged me to make muffins for breakfast with something from the garden. It was pouring rain, and my lilacs were drooping heavily. I wondered if they’d make it through the storm. So, I thought, why not go for the gold? I put on my rain boots and grabbed […]

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Bourbon Old Fashioned Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce is always A REALLY BIG DEAL AROUND HERE. We’ve taken to making our large batches ahead of the holidays and “putting them up” in jars to keep for the whole season long or to give as holiday gifts.  Over the past few years, we’ve come up with some amazing recipes!  Who can forget […]

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Small Batch Sweet Spiced Pickled Parsnips

Let’s face it, there’s been a chill in the air since August. No matter what the calendar says, it’s FALL! And, nothing says fall to me like root vegetables. Here’s our recipe for amazing Sweet Spiced Pickled Parsnips! makes 3 half-pints

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Drunk-Cherry Jam: Cherry Bourbon Jam with a Low-Sugar Option

We lost our beloved backyard cherry tree a few years ago, and we’ve been mourning it ever since. To pay some homage to that backyard beauty, we thought we’d drown our sorrows in bourbon, family-friendly bourbon-flavoured jam, that is. makes 750ml + a generous cook’s treat, in jars the size of your liking

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Ginger Cognac Cranberry Sauce from The Lunchbox Season

Ginger Cognac Cranberry Sauce

We knew it would be hard to beat last year’s amaaaaazing Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce….but we think we’ll do our Thanksgiving Dinner proud with this Ginger Cognac number.  You start out by making the beginnings of a ginger syrup…simmering bits of ginger in sugar and water or cider. Then, you pop in your cranberries, and, […]

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The Lunchbox Seasons 10 Best Thanksgiving

The Lunchbox Season’s 10 Best …Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming! Here are 9 of our best Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving-Friendly Posts and a bonus 10th contribution from our Sister Site! Just click on the image and be transported!!!           Whisky Fig Cranberry Sauce: Break out the Whisky & Cider. Here’ s our original recipe for a cinnamon, whisky, and fig filled Cranberry Sauce […]

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Lord Peter Wimsey’s Case-Crackin’ New Year’s Eve Party

As always, our New Year’s Eve plans come along last minute.  Last year’s family Sherlock Holmes Party was such a success, that we decided to continue the tradition of having a mystery movie night this year by introducing the kids to the fabulous story-telling of Dorothy L. Sayers.  Tonight, we’ll be dusting off the DIY Detective […]

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