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Easter Egg Workshop

This year, we decided to try a whole bunch of new decorating and dyeing techniques with our Easter Eggs. In addition to our usual sharpies, crayons, and basic dyes (1 c boiling water, 1 tsp vinegar, food colouring drops), we used Koolaid Dyes, Marbled Dyes, and, eventually, Marbled Koolaid Dyes. We also experimented, for better […]

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Looking Backward: MARCH breAK! 2010

MARCH breAK 2010 Illustrate-Your-Own Books * Essa’s Handmade Go Fish! Game * Jake’s Modeling Chocolate: Recipe and Game Last year turned out to be a bit of an anomaly in terms of our usual March Break routine. My mom drove up from the States to help make a special dress for Beatrice’s First Communion. While Grandma and I spent the week sewing, we […]

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