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day 15

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 15, Gingerbread Party, Design, Build, Decorate

Today, the kids are going to have a Gingerbread Party. They’ll cut, bake, and DECORATE some gingerbread cookie cutouts. Then, they’ll use paper and charcoal pencils to DESIGN the ultimate gingerbread house. Finally, they’ll use store-bought royal icing, graham crackers, ice cream cones, some of those gingerbread men, and candies [even a few leftovers from […]

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Advent Shadowbox: Day 8, Gingerbread House

December 3, 2011 8th Day of Advent 21 Days ’til Christmas  “She Fed Them Treacle Tarts And Jam, And Sugar-buns, and Gorgeous Ham. The Children Cried, “Oh Thank You, Ma’am!” …Roald Dahl “Hansel and Gretel”  Read Hansel and Gretel & Build a Gingerbread House _____________________ Today’s Advent Calendar Features a picture of a German Stamp I […]

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