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Festive Friday: Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature!

Festive Friday Fish and Chips and a Quadruple Feature Everyone’s home from school by now. It’s time to stay up late and go to town! Tonight, we’ll pick up some fish and chips from our favourite local shop. [Although, if you’re interested in DIYing dinner, check out our Calamari and our Fries with Feta from March […]

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Family Advent Calendar, Day 6: The Advent Film Festival Begins with Pilsner Pretzels and a William Powell Double Bill: My Man Godfrey & After the Thin Man

This year’s Advent Film Festival is chock-full of double features!! Each week, we’ll watch a pair of classic, comedic films the kids have not yet seen and which, in some way shape or form, convey the Christmas spirit. To that end, we’ve chosen to structure our first three Double Feature Fridays [and yes, there will […]

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Lord Peter Wimsey’s Case-Crackin’ New Year’s Eve Party

As always, our New Year’s Eve plans come along last minute.  Last year’s family Sherlock Holmes Party was such a success, that we decided to continue the tradition of having a mystery movie night this year by introducing the kids to the fabulous story-telling of Dorothy L. Sayers.  Tonight, we’ll be dusting off the DIY Detective […]

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Film Fest Day 1

Advent Shadowbox 2012: Day 7, Begin Our Friday Holiday Film Fest with an Unusual Double Feature and Make Kringle Corn!

We’re starting our Friday Night Holiday Film Festival with a rather unusual double feature: Gremlins and Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Neither of these movies are particularly “good.” But, after a long week of school, the kids are bound to enjoy a good giggle and squeal. We’re going to try to limit their “sweets” intake tonight […]

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Last Minute New Year’s Eve: Sherlock Holmes Party & DIY Detective Kits

The Best Laid Plans : Screening Lists : Food & Drink : DIY Detective Kits : Fingerprint Chart __________________ The Best Laid Plans “Excellent!” I cried. “Elementary,” said he. – “The Adventure of the Crooked Man,” Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes I didn’t think I would be writing another Lunchbox Season post until 2012. The Advent Shadowbox has been set aside […]

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Advent Shadowbox: Day 27, Allons au Cinéma!

December 23, 2011 27th Day of Advent 2 Days til Christmas LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! You’ve done a great job reading the adventures! Now grab your 3D glasses! We’ll catch the new TINTIN movie after school! _____________ The kids, especially my daughter, have been reading Tintin comics religiously after school. When they saw the movie […]

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movie lego mindfulness

Advent Shadowbox: Day 13, Movie, Lego, Mindfulness

December 9, 2011 13th Day of Advent 16 Days ’til Christmas Today, our MERRY-MAKING splits  us up. The girls set off with a few good friends for a holiday MOVIE, while the boys embark upon a living room LEGO-building contest royale. BE MINDFUL, then, of what you see and hear and feel and think today. So that when we come […]

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Advent Shadowbox: Day 6, Pancakes, Syrup, and a Classic Film

December 2, 2011 6th Day of Advent 23 Days to Christmas Meatless Suppers & Classic Movies Are Friday’s Fantastic Feats Tonight We’ll Watch a Thin Man Mystery Or a Marx Brothers Tear-Up Tackling Piles of Pancakes Topped with Pure Canadian Maple Syrup Fridays in Advent are typically meat free. Since I have an evening party to attend, […]

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