Hosting Our Own Homecoming Bash


Our alma mater’s homecoming game is this Saturday, but we’re not able to make the trip back to the States for the big to-do. Still, we’ve got the college football bug. And we’ve got an Oktoberfest bug, too. So, we decided to have our own Oktoberfest-slash-Homecoming party right here at home. Here’s how we’re planning on pulling it all together.

Breaking out the school colours!
Time to dig out the old college sweatshirts, hats, and pennants to share with family and friends. I’m hoping that my college knee-socks are still in tact so that I can pull off some sort of homecoming-lederhosen look! We’ll also be grabbing washable paints from the dollar store to paint some purple “shade” on everyone’s cheekbones. And we’ll make sure we have plenty of “steins” for our fantastic selection of “Oktoberfest” beers.

Tailgate party! Tailgate party!

We don’t even have a car, but we’re going to fire up the grill and have a serious tailgate party in the laneway or on our back porch. Since our game starts at 11am, we’re going to go make griddle pancakes on the grill, as well as a variety of Oktoberfest sausages. The stars of the show, however, will be our amazing Homemade Pilsner Pretzels. The kids are planning on setting up a “cart”and everything. We’ll be sure to have a good helping of apple cider we bought on our apple picking trip for all of the kids. A few coolers full of Oktoberfest-themed beers for the adults won’t hurt, either. 

Watching the game outside! 

No, that’s not our back yard! But we WILL be setting up a viewing party outside on benches on the back porch so that we can watch the game “bleacher-style.” We’re hoping to borrow a projector and screen the game on the side wall of our house. — We’ll probably need a bit of shade in order to do this, as it’s a day game! Or, we might just set a laptop or two underneath our patio umbrellas and stream the game that way! And, if it’s really cold, no worries, because we got the stainless steel patio heater pictured above at the Home Depot to keep us warm all football season! [Sorry, folks, it looks like the heater we got has sold out because of the great sale we took advantage of! But, here’s a similar model!] 


And we’re hoping to keep the game going after the game!
Time for a little friendly neighbourhood football match down in the park, no? Might finally be time to grab this flag football set and challenge the family next door! Who knows, maybe JLo will crash our little party!

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