Apples, a New Duck, and an Old Trick


It’s become somewhat of a tradition for us to go apple picking on the first Saturday in October, and to follow that up with a festive Peking Duck feast.  This year was no different…Oh, except that it was spectactularly different!!!


We went back to our favourite apple picking spot, Applewood Farm and Winery [12416 McCowan Rd., Stouffville, Ontario. L4A 7X5]. But, for the first time ever, we had a rainy day. This made for a bit of a faster stint in the orchards. But, honeycrisps were ripe and ready for the picking. And the rows were as beautiful as ever. We were all extremely happy with our haul!


Also, Bea just had a new wire added to her braces. So, for the first time, we carried a pumpkin carving saw with us [more on those below] so that she could eat fresh SLICED apples off of the tree.

This year, we also amped up our butternut squash haul from 1 very large specimen, to 3 very large and very interestingly shaped squashes for our fall cooking. [More on how to slice those babies below!] The adults in the house are doing another Whole30, beginning October 3, so we’re ready for tons of veg!


 And we chose 3 pretty baking pumpkins instead of one. Thanksgiving pies, curries, and purées, here we come!


But the biggest change came on our drive home! Our favourite Markham Chinese place, Peak Top, had a sign in its window saying that their Markham location was closed…like, forever closed…inviting folks to head out to their resto in Vaughan. Well, we were all too hungry for a drive across the entire city of Toronto! So, we sourced a new, and dare we say it, BETTER place for Peking Duck: Chung King Garden Restaurant [4394 Steeles Ave E, Markham, L3R 9V9] near the Pacific Mall. Boy, did we love this place! Along with one of the best two-course Peking Duck feasts we’ve ever had, we had some yummy dumplings, salt-spiced squid, tasty green beans, and super noodles. Let a new tradition begin! Chung King Garden it is, folks, from here on out!


And, now, for the helpful newsflash to everyone far and wide….If you like squash, or thinly sliced apples fresh from the tree, or, really, anything with a bit of a rind, do yourself a favour and stock up on those cheapo PUMPKIN CARVING SAWS they sell at the dollar store this time of year.  hold-on-to-this-use-your-pumpkin-carving-saw-for-any-squash-whole-30-paleo-vegetarian-vegan


PUMPKIN CARVING SAWS are not just for pumpkins! [How long did it take me to realize this?]. PUMPKIN CARVING SAWS ARE EXCELLENT FOR carving your spaghetti squash [Whole 30? Paleo?] and your butternuts, and your acorns, and, well, ALL THE SQUASH! 

MIND BLOWN?? That’s right….


Now, stay tuned for a most amazing apple recipe this Thursday! 


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