Friends’ Getaway: Phoenix

You’ve got to practice what you preach, right? As part of this year’s September Unplugged piece, I vowed to spend time planning a vacation or heading out on a friends’ getaway. Promise kept! Last weekend, I met up with my high school girlfriends in Phoenix, Arizona for a weekend of R&R. I hadn’t seen some of these ladies in almost 10 years. So, it was amazing to catch up and spread the love with Aimee, Elise, Jen, Joanna, Karlyn, and Wai-Yee. [And, thanks, Jen, for the use of your WorldMark Phoenix South Mountain Preserve Time Share! 4647 E. Francisco Drive, Phoenix, AZ]

Highlights of the trip included…


A fantastic meal at Barrio Cafe [2814 N. 16th St. Phoenix, AZ]. Yes, the Guacamole was all that. The house margaritas were fantastically strong. The Enchiladas del Mar proved to be the stuff of legend – I mean that in a good way! And, they have Horchata Cocktails!  Tip: Arrive early enough to view all of the murals in the area by sunset. Our late-night follow up game of Cards Against Humanity was also a blast!


A day of swimming, sunbathing, and lunching al fresco beside the infinity pool at Sanctuary Camelback [5700 E. McDonald Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ] followed by a fantastic massage by the wonderful Tara. [Thanks, Wai-Yee, for getting us a group special rate for our massages!] Tip: If you are a spa guest, make sure to confirm you will have permission to use the main guest pool when booking your appointment. There’s nothing like the dry-heat of Phoenix to make a Toronto girl vow to book a second visit, pronto!


And, thanks very much, to all of my girlfriends for accompanying me to Waffle House [1801 W. Baseline Rd. Tempe, AZ, and others] for a fantasy pecan waffle breakfast. Tips: Ask your server for a hat! And, order the waffles!


I can’t tell you how much it meant to meet up with these women and catch up. They’re all, at heart, the same people I grew up with. Only, they have even more love to share! And, taking time to relax with the group reinforced how important it is to make time to unwind at home! A couple of us are going to be doing a Whole30 together in October. And, on the plane from Phoenix to Dallas, my friend Karlyn and I promised each other we’d book ourselves a local massage within the next 60 days to keep the zen going! I’ve since extended this “challenge” to the whole group!


So, yes! A friends’ getaway in September? You should be ON THAT for 2017! 

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