How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home

How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home The Lunchbox Season

September should be all about unwinding, especially if you get to have a day at home alone! Now, I know you don’t need advice…but, inspo is always welcome, no?

Here are my tips for How To Have The Best Spa Day At Home

Long Hot Bath

The main feature of any Spa Day for me is a long hot soak in a bathtub [or a long, hot shower if you don’t have a tub]. Since we did our Bathroom Reno a few years ago, our bathroom has become my oasis!

Quick Shower First How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
Guilty secret
: I tend to take a quick shower to wash my hair, shave, etc. before I get into the tub! 

Epsom Salts and Bath Bombs How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
What to put in the bath?
My go to is Lavender Epsom Salts or Lavender Essential Oil. Our DIY fizzy bath bombs are also fantastic. 

Accessories, Candles, Magazines, Brunch - How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
I love include a good bath pillow and a rack/caddy for holding your magazines and treats. Candles are also essential. You can go for flameless votives or flame on! We just got some Bath and Body Works Summer Boardwalk Candles that make the whole room smell a bit like caramel-slathered popcorn. For some reason, carnivals are fall events, in my mind. So, Summer candles work for me! Magazines: My big fall splurge? ALL of the September issues [and then the October ones, too…], which I pick up at Book City, Type or La Presse Internationale. And, I feast on a Healthy Brunch of yogurt, kombucha in a champagne flute or wine glass, fruit, and tea with cream! 

Spa Music or Beyonce How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
Music is also a must!
Spotify Spa Music Playlists are a great place to start. Unless you’re still obsessed with Beyoncé – who works just as magnificently, or show tunes! Spotify has em all.

Masks! How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
Masks are a must!
Paper-based facemasks are soo insanely easy to apply, remove, and recycle! I swear by these Life Brand Sheet Masks! From Honey, Raw Eggs, and Olive Oil to extra dollops of conditioner to a store bought hair maskI get my locks thickened, strengthened, and shiny sleek.

Meditate How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
I also meditate, occasionally. Check out last Thursday’s meditation app review for all of my faves!

Robe How to Have the Best Spa Day at Home
Robes! Once out of the bath, I try don a museum piece, or something like it – either a soft and chic modal cardigan robe like this one from La Vie en Rose or a gorgeous silk kimono like this one from Victoria’s Secret [featuring cats]!

Polish How To Have the Best Spa Day at Home
Polish! Then, I settle into a cozy chair for a home-spun pedi and mani. Pedi first, naturally. I’ve been really into the new Essie Gel Couture line. You get a salon-worth gel-style mani or pedi that lasts a good two weeks and comes off with regular polish remover. 

Wine How to Have The Best Spa Day at Home
And then, wine, of course. Need we say more? Check out Steve Thurlow (of’s Top Values at the LCBO for September!

Netflix How to have the best spa day at Home
And, Winona
, erm, I mean, Netflix!
Who hasn’t seen Stranger Things? You must see Stranger Things!

Got it? Good. 

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