A Few Non-Traditional Takes on Traditional Mother’s Day Gifts

A Few Non-Traditional Takes on Traditional Mother's Day Gifts from The Lunchbox Season
I have to admit, until the kids started bringing home hand-made gifts from school, we didn’t really celebrate Mother’s Day. The extra affection in recent years, however, has worn down my heebee-geebees over the manufactured nature of the holiday, at least as we celebrate it in our unit of four. We’ve developed a little routine everyone seems to enjoy: take in T’s choir, grab diner pancakes and/or Indian thalis in our sweats, hit the local garden centre for our veggie garden starters, “open up the backyard” for the year, and then grab a pizza or grill a steak for dinner. Sometimes, there is wine or a fancy cocktail. And, sometimes, there’s another gift, maybe a book I’ve been eyeing or tickets to a ballgame or a movie.

Frankly, if Mother’s-Day-as-we-know-it ends when the first kid turns 18, then so be it. I don’t expect or even plan on this day of bliss to continue once the kids are off to university. And, when they have families of their own, well, let it be their turn to develop a new tradition. In the meantime, though, we’re making hay….

Last week, the kids appeared to be fishing around, trying to see if there was something they could make or buy for the holiday. In a hilarious assault on tradition [and, let’s face it, potential oppression], the kids listed a few things they thought would be too old-fashioned or inapporpriate for Mother’s Day: china, aprons, appliances. Funny enough, I couldn’t help thinking that some of these traditional-seeming gifts, when given a modern twist, might actually be spectacular.  

So, without further ado, here’s The Lunchbox Season’s short list of twists on the traditional…

Mother's Day Gift Ideas I - Mugs that say mom? No! Magical Tea Cups!

Lately, I’ve been taken with certain wonderful ladies’ #todaysteacup tweets and snaps. I’m pretty sure I adore these pictures because I don’t have a vast selection of mugs or cups to use on a regular basis or for special occasions. I’m fine with admiring the vast collections of others while drinking my tea from the Friends-era-sized blue mug I got from Urban Outfitters back when I was shopping there for myself and not my almost-teen daughter. Of teacups, I am definitely not a collector. But Gosh, ladies, y’all have some fine china and some cheeky mugs, too.

This month, however, two things coincided in my little universe to melt the ice around my little tea-cup-collection-from-a-distance heart: Plenty Magazine had a fantastic month-long feature on Wonders and Curiosities. And, Nathalie Foy’s Art of Tasseomancy relayed a very positive experience with a reader of tea-leaves. I was absolutely mesmerized by a photograph of one of the tasseomancer Amy’s favourite collectibles, the Nelrose Cup of Fortune! Concomitantly, I’ve been binge-listening to the “Witch, Please” podcast [ohwitchplease.caitunestwitter], a fabulous discussion of the Harry Potter books and films by two young Canadian academics. I quite enjoyed their discussions of Professor Trelawney’s favouring of her “gifted” students in her tassemancy course in episodes 5a&b and 6.  

So, with thoughts of teacups and tasseomancy, here’s one budget-friendly twist on the fortune-teller’s teacup that tops the Lunchbox Season’s Mother’s Day list:


The Cup of Destiny is a boxed set of cup, saucer, and 98-page book which teaches you how to “read” both tea leaves and coffee grinds. [20.68 CAD on Amazon Prime.]


Of course, if you’re an advanced reader who doesn’t need a guide, or if you’re just not that into tasseomancy, this witty Chalkboard Teacup from Indigo is perfect in its own right! It doesn’t say MOM anywhere! Though, you could write cheeky little jokes in chalk on the tag. [12.50 CAD from Indigo.]
Mothers Day Gift Ideas II - Housedresses Slippers and Aprons NO Caftans, Sandals and Smocks

Loungewear is a-okay with me. Athleisure, of course, is a freaking worldwide phenomenon – and thank goodness for that! Another desire as of late, however, is the swanky housedress, i.e. the CAFTAN! The caftan!

Here is the fantasy of which I speak:
squareblackcaftanfromgingercaftans squarewaterfallcaftanfromginger squareartnouveacaftan from gingercaftans
Above, you see the Washed Black Caftan, the Japanese Watercolour Caftan, and the Art Nouveau Caftan from the wonderful Ginger Caftans. Hint, hint. Wink, wink. A girl could really use one of these [especially the Washed Black] for her upcoming girls’ getaway!  [$250USD each from Ginger Caftan.] 
squarenauticalsandalsjoe squarecorksandalsjoe
To go with, Joe fresh has some really cute sandals for your mama. While I love the look of these sailor-striped Dr. Scholl’s-style Cork Slide Sandals, I think these sturdier black goddess Sandals would go perfectly with the aforementioned caftan. [19-29 CAD from JoeFresh.]
squareapronfromobjective squareapron1fromobjective
Finally, to complement and protect the desired collection of Caftans, or for leggins and t-shirt days, I present the gorgeous Objective linen apron I first eyed last December at the One of a Kind Christmas Show. Now this so-called apron is not just for cooks. There are gardeners, after all. And readers. And writers, too. I mean, I could fit a pen and notebook in the pocket of that apron. Heck, I could probably fit my laptop in that pocket. Frankly, I just want to wear that thing around everywhere! Hence, I am rechristening it a 24-hour smock!  [95 CAD from Objective.]

Mothers Day Gift Ideas Three - Washer Dryers Patio Heaters Braisers

Now, no woman wants to be asked to perform or “have a day off from” behaviours that supposedly belonged to the female world of the previous centuries: i.e. cooking, cleaning, sewing, taking everybody’s garbage. We’re so beyond this kind of bullshit in our house, however, that I can safely say that there are certain things that would make life so much easier for all of us that it would make me happy to receive them as holiday gifts. [And don’t say single-use coffee makers, because I will go into a tirade about the ridiculousness of landfill-after-6-months appliances and their ocean-cluttering sposie cups.]

But, seriously, a Roomba wouldn’t be a bad idea. I’d really enjoy watching that thing scoot around our house!  I’d probably even throw popcorn on the floor and laugh a little! More to the point, however, is the Washing Machine dilemma of 2016. See, over at our house, ye olde washing machine from the last century is so darn loud that it interrupts everyone’s work, music-making, and play. And, for the last few months, it’s started to move around during the spin cycles so that it blocks the entryway to the basement office. [That’s where the laundry machines live, mind you, in papa’s home office!] The dryer, meanwhile, seems to be leaving holes in our duds, even on delicate cycle. So, yeah, let’s laundry it up! 

This bright white Whirlpool duo from Leon’s seems pretty darn fabulous. It measures detergent for you, steams your clothes, and dries them efficiently, too. By the way, Leon’s, you might think about bringing back that hysterical commercial about the girl with the canopy bed. [2,898 CAD for the pair at Leons.]

Now, if we could all get dirty without worrying about the washer barricading us into our offices this spring, then we could maximize our outdoors-time. Unfortunately, it’s been darn cold out there. Prime excuse to pick up an outdoor heater, no? Truth be told, I’ve been wanting one of these Stainless Steel Patio Heaters for YEARS! Anyone who freelances from home knows the glories of the patio. And, anyone who works away from home wants to maximize their home-time. So, an extended patio season would be ideal!! [168 CAD, Home Depot Canada
Slow Cookers be damned. If you’re going to slow cook something, might as well do it in a piece of enameled cookware inside a proper oven. A friend recommended this Le Creuset Braiser ages ago as a complement to our oval roaster, and we still haven’t picked one up. Seeing how much we’ve used the latter, I think we’d get a good century of use out of it. [430, for 301 CAD from The Bay – priced on April 28, 2016]

Now, good luck, everyone! And, should you celebrate, have a Happy Mother’s Day! 

Please note: This is not a sponsored post. I did not receive samples, swag, freebies or advertising compensation from any of the companies listed here. Too bad, eh?

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