Best of March Break!!!


It’s been five years here on The Lunchbox Season! To celebrate, we’re passing along our favourite March Break or, as we call it, March BreACK! must-do’s and must-makes!

Here’s the cream of the crop to help you survive another one to two weeks of staycation, or March BreACK! Madness!

Galactic Mint Brownies with Andes Mints, Peppermint Patties or Mint Chocolate Chips Recipe from The Lunchbox Season
Galactic Mint Brownies

Finger-Walking Bear Puppets with Free Printable Template from thelunchboxseason
Finger-Walking Bear Puppets

Turkish pide, two ways, sujuk [sausage, salami] and cheese, onion, spinach, and cheese
Turkish Pizza Pides

Snake Mobiles and a Skip Counting Game

Space pARTy 101 Imagined Solar Systems a fun kids art and science craft from The Lunchbox Season
Imagine and Draw or Collage Your Own Solar System

Spirit Bear Dice Game

Irish Soda [Bread] Farls

Mooskgm’ol Drum Faces

The Kids Make Mediterranean Beer Battered Calamari and Lemony Grilled Calamari
Calamari Two Ways

Make a Blue-Print of a Pirate Ship! Pirate Party Idea
Make a Blue Print of a Pirate Ship

Small batch pickled turnips, preserved lemons and preserved limes easy recipes from the lunchbox season
Pickled Turnips & Preserved Lemons and Limes

March Break Ideas Design Your Own Snakes and Ladders [Chutes and ladders] Board Game
DIY Snakes and Ladders Game

Shipwreck Cookies from the Lunchbox Season
Shipwreck Cookies

And here are some bonus posts from our sister site, Summer of Funner:

101 Things to Look for at the Natural History Museum [Free Printable]

101 Things to Look for at the Art Museum from A-Z [Free Printable]



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