Posterize the Twelve Days of Christmas

19 Posterize the Twelve Days of Christmas

Four calling birds?

Today, I am going to ask the kids to get out some paper and their preferred art supplies and Posterize the Twelve Days of Christmas. 

Posterize the 12 days of christmas

That’s right, I am going to ask them to posterize the heck out of that song! I’ll tell them to go all out on this one and be “as creative as possible.” What does that mean, exactly? That’s up to them to decide! I certainly don’t want to see any cutesy faux embroidered milkmaids in Octoberfestwear…[Not that embroidery can’t be kick-ass!]…unless they’re being cheeky, naturally. Nor do I want to see any hokey 12-different-fonts-lists like the one above…No, I’m expecting mastery, people. I’m talking “use the force!”

Seriously, sometimes, I feel like Leia delivering “help” messages when I give these tasks to the kids…
Sorry, still on my Star Wars kick from yesterday….[But, seriously, kids, 12 days of Star Wars would be fully acceptable]

Hey, wait! Do you need a little earworm reminder as to how many rings and pipers and things make it into the song as you craft along?
Cue Muppets….


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