Random Act of Kindness Day

16 Random Act of Kindness Day

Aww!! Jon Snow and a Dire Wolf pup! Did that make you happy? Have I already done my job?

Today is our Random Act of Kindness Day. Each person in the family is tasked with doing something kind, and, if possible, in secret, for someone they don’t know, or, at least, someone they don’t know very well. Or, as I like to think of it, today is the day when you should listen to Ella singing “Oh Lady Be Good” and make good on her suggestion in, well, in a think global act local sort of manner…

I’m not going to give you any lists of ideas about how to go about making other people happy. I think you can figure that one out on your own. And you’re not going to find any free printables here, either…you know, those little cards that help you notify people that they’ve been “RACKED” etc, by a Random Act of Christmas Kindness of your doing.  Just make people happy without making them feel self-conscious that you’ve done so, okay? 

Now, here’s Errol Garner on keyboard with the wordless version of the tune:

So, peace out! Especially if peace has anything to do with Eddie Lockjaw Davis….



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