Stocking Stuffers: Design Your Own Playing Cards

5 Stocking Stuffers Design Your Own Playing Cards

The kids have really been enjoying their card games this year, especially Pinochle.  So, I thought, why don’t I get them some holiday playing cards?

Well, beware the Google…

Look out, kids! Run! It’s the giant U. S. Game Systems’ Santa with a mistletoe whip and a cone of flame!


After looking at that, I thought, well, perhaps we’re better off designing our own cards. And not just holiday cards, but decks we can use 365 days a year!  So, today’s advent task is to Design Your Own Playing Cards, creating stocking stuffers to be exchanged on Christmas Eve.

Design your own playing cards Advent 2015
Today, we will spend some time with our art supplies, old photos, and with free online photo editing websites like ipiccy and picmonkey. And, we will design our own playing cards! We will design the appearance of all of the family cards from Jack to Ace in each of the four suits, as well as a single card “back” for the entire deck. Then, we are going to pay to have them printed into actual poker and pinochle decks via! Can’t wait to try it! 


What would your cards look like? Would they dance like these?

Please note, this is not a sponsored post.

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