Create an Elaborate Christmas Colouring Page

Create an Elaborate Christmas Colouring Page Advent Day three

Alright, so the kids have been attracted to those elaborate colouring books “for adults” that have been on the teaser tables at bookstores large and small. The publishers claim that the whole process of filling in these elaborate colouring pages is supposed to be like knitting or meditation, a work to soothe the soul. I’m not sure if approaching one of those books would ever produce anything in me other than an adult-sized colouring-in-the-lines complex, but, like the kids, I certainly admire the patterns and forms. So, today, I’m going to ask the kids to create their own Elaborate Christmas Colouring Pages.
Create an Elaborate Christmas Colouring Page

All they will need to create an Elaborate Christmas Colouring Page will be plain white paper and dark pencils or fine-tipped black markers. The basic method? Draw the outline of various Christmas items or a christmas scene and fill these in with small shapes and patterns that vary every square inch or so. [I’ll have them look at Craft Whack’s awesome Zentangle tutorial for inspo!] After they’ve drawn their pictures, I’ll turn on the photocopier-scanner to print them out for colouring and to preserve them for the ages in digital form. No cheating with the old timey machines, today, though, kids…


Okay, so, the kids are busily sketching away, right? How’s that for relaxation time? Perhaps you might enjoy listening to these very cute amateur Carollers in pink and white [PINK &  WHITE!] singing my favourite arrangement of a very beautiful carol! By the way, I’m pretty sure that Santa’s in there singing bass! Lullay!

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