Rewrite the Song of the Summer as a Holiday Carol


Every year, as part of our Daily Advent Calendar, we write a holiday carol. One of our favourites was our rewrite of “Moves Like Jagger” as “Moves Like Santa” from a few years back. Apparently, we weren’t the only ones to come up with that idea. Case in point, this youtube video and this one. Speaking of Santas with moves…THIS GUY:


Today, in celebration of our fifth year of online adventing, I will be asking the kids to Rewrite the Song of the Summer as a Holiday Carol.  

Rewrite the Song of the Summer People

Now, what was the song of the summer for 2015? I suppose that figuring this out will be part of the fun! Here are Billboard’s suggestions. I have a feeling that “Cheerleader” and “Bad Blood” will be the top candidates, especially as “cheerleader” and “reindeer,” in this day and age of slacker rhymes, are virtually identical. Albeit, the ever-popular “Watch Me [Whip/NaeNae],” perhaps starring Santa and Rudolph, might prove to be the true winner this holiday season. 

Get to work, besties! And remember not to put your original clay models in the attic to melt into creepy deformed collectibles that your kids will later shame you with on Antiques Roadshow.

Is this the real Rudolf?

Want to play along? Send us your lyrics and vids!

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