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1 Family Book Exchange

Today is the first day of December, and, for many, the easiest day to think of as the first day in Advent. Of course, we started our annual online Family Advent Calendar on Sunday. But, there’s nothing wrong with having a second kick-off event on December 1st, is there? And, what would be better for a second kick-off than a Family Book Exchange!

One of our Advent Activities this year is to do a family book swap

Nathalie Foy, of Plenty Mag and On Books About Books, rings in the holiday season with a daily book exchange advent calendar. Taking a cue from her family tradition, and drawing on the success of our own All Hallows Read Family Book Swap, we’re picking names from a stocking today and choosing a book for that person. And, we’ll donate second copies of the kids’ books to a holiday book drive. Now, since our book exchange is only for one day, we thought we’d have a theme…

Holiday Book Swap Theme Give a Book in which gifts are given in secret The Lunchbox Season's Family Advent Calendar

So, today, we’re giving each other books in which gifts are given in secret. What books can you think of that would fall under that cue?  Bonus points to people who come up with book ideas in which the gifts exchanged are NOT material!  

What’s wrong, Joe March? Did Amy break her colouring pencils already?
[I borrowed this gif from the amazing artofeatingbooks!]

Now, go! Deck the Billy[Bookshelve]s!!

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