Our Top Picks from the One of a Kind Show and Sale, or, The 12 Crushes of #OOAKX15

Toronto’s One of a Kind Show and Sale is upon us!

That’s right, THE SHOW IS ON at the Enercare Centre, at Exhibition Place, Toronto, from November 26 to December 6! Show hours are Weekdays and Saturdays, 10am-9pm, Sundays 10am-6pm, with a late night shopping festivus on December 3, from 10am-11pm!

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Yesterday, I went to the opening to scout out all of the best vendors for you and yours!! Originally, I was going to present my finds in the form of a shopping list for all of the shes, hes, its, and thems in your lives. But, so many of the potential holiday gifts at the show seemed geared towards such a wide audience that I decided to group my favourites in a handy dandy list of 12 Crush-Worthy #OOAKX Must-Buys!

So, here they are, The Lunchbox Season’s 12 Crushes of #OOAKX15!

1. Tea Towels

Tea-towels are uber-versatile gifts [and a current obsession]! You can give them alone or wrap them with or AROUND other gifts like bottles of wine, barbecue sauce, kitchen tools, cookbooks, designer shoes…

Left Full and Bottom Right: We picked up three of our Favourite, Avril Loreti Modern Home, R04, 2016 Calendar Tea Towels, and that was before we even saw her Vintage Hockey Barbecue Towels, $25 for 1, $20 each for 2+Top Right: Hatchet Made, W33, Birds of Prey and other amazing nature-themed tea towels. Middle Right: Claire Manning, I05, Tea Towels and Aprons, $18-30. Be sure to check out her “knives” aprons, too!

2. Ornaments
Ornaments are amazing gifts to give to anyone-who-celebrates-Christmas or to anyone-who-has-a-window-with-a-nail-over-top-of-it-from-which-to-suspend-something-shiny! And, like tea-towels, they fly solo just as nicely as they do on a bottle of wine, on top of a card, or with a box of homemade cookies! [We do those a lot around here ;]
Ornaments Oakx15
Top Left: Gorgeous! Fire and Flux Studios, C36, Clay Squirrel, Owls, Snowmen, and Tree Ornaments, $10 for 1, $18 for 2. Bottom Left: Kidogoasis, X23, Stained Glass Squirrel Ornaments ~$16. Top Right: Kingston Glass Studio and Gallery, o25, Star Ornaments, $15 for 1, $65 for 5. Bottom Right: Love my Local, T29, Known for their amazing province-shaped cutting boards, this fave-of-ours co. now creates lovely Provincial Ornaments, $12 for 1, $29 for 3.

3. Ador[e]nments
Some absolutely amazing bijoux at #OOAKX15! My eyes are still sparkly from all of the sparkly. And I neeeeed to go back for more earrings! I just do!

Top Left Column & Top Two Right Column: MoonRox Jewellery and Accessories, Y20, Rings and Statement Necklaces, Prices Vary + Our Favourite [i.e. We bought them already! Hope there’s still a pair for you!] rocker chic earrings $30. Bottom Row, Left Three: This Ilk, P09, earrings and statement necklaces of repurposed denim, lace and silk, prices vary. [Why do these make me think of my teenage crush on all of Aerosmith?] Right Column, Bottom Two: billy would designs, V43, Reclaimed Wood Earrings, $24, Reclaimed Skateboard Stripe Earrings, $28. That’s right! Reclaimed Skateboards! Love!!

4. Toronto(,) Love
Because, the six, or, #WeTheNorth!
Left: Crywolf, A33, Blue Jay T-Shirt. Love the roly-poly design! Top Right: Brooch Boyfriends, Rising Stars C44, Bat Flip! Our Favourite Jose Bautista Brooch, $20 [P.S. There’s a Drake, too!]. Bottom Right: Fitzy, O13, Toronno Satchel, $30. You know, for the history-of-the-language lovers in your lives. 

5. Playthings
Please note, playtime is for “kids from 1 to 92!”
Left Column, Top Three: Kiriki {embroidery}, I09, DIY Hoop Art Kit, $30, DIY Embroidery Kits, $18 for 1, $30 for 2 or more. Left Column, Bottom: Lambert Birdhouses and Birdfeeders, E13, prices range $25-100, those depicted, $55 & $60. Top Row, Middle: rosbilt, X52, TinCan Banjo/Ukelele, prices vary. Top Right and Central Image: Made in Brockton Village, Y51, play Animal Match Memory Game, $28. Left Column, Middle Two: Fellow East-Ender! Thomas J. Suh, X46, Bunny Banks, $65, Zombie Mugs and Cups, $40-45. Bottom Row, Middle: Velvet Moustache, X13, Stuffed Friends, $24, Tooth Pillow, $15.  Bottom Right: I would play dress up in this bear print all day every day! Birds of North America, Q43, Macaw Dress Woods, $206, sizes to 16.

6. Statement Bags
Oh, hello! Who doesn’t want a lovely bag or tote? From luxe leather to printed canvas makeup bags, #OOAKX15 will make bag ladies and gents of, bless us, every one!
StatementBags Oakx15
Top and Bottom Left: eleven thirty, o43, small totes, $60, large circular drool-worthy bag, $160. Top Right: Hoi Bo, U04, handmade leather rectangular bags, $180 small, $240 large and Luxe! Centre: Hands and Feet Handmade small tote, $28. Bottom Right: ZINC Cosmetic Bags, $20. They have matchings scarves, too!

7. Use the Apply Force

Because everyone wants to Open, Strike, Mill, and Enjoy!

Top Rowbilly would designs, V43, Bottle Openers Made from Reclaimed Skate Boards, $28. Middle Row: Peppermills, B43, Australian Banksia Peppermill, $120, and Fire Mill Peppermill, $150. Looks burnt, but won’t come off on your hands! Bottom Row Left: The Chemist Tree, Beer Bottle Openers, $10 for 1, $25 for 3. BTW, besties, they also have coffee, tea, wine, and fart buttons. Bottom Row Right: Atelier Make, T31, Ceramic Match Boxes and Striking Paper Wrap, $32. 

8. The Spa at Home
Spa gifts make delightful teacher gifts and stocking stuffers, which is just another way of saying, they are fab for everyone! We like to choose gifts in multi-packs or sold in sets that can be divided between giftees!
SpaatHome oakx15
Left Column: Our Favourite Botania Bath Salts and Soaps. $8 for 1, $20 for 3 mix and match. [Botania will only be at #Ooakx15 for the first week! So get shopping!] Right Column, Top Two Rows: Nothing smells as fabulous as Wild Prairie Soap Company, Oh Canada [Maple] Lip Balm, $4.75 for 1, $13 for 3. Soap Sampler, $21 for 6 soaps. Bottom Right: LOVEFRESH Lemon Verbena and Lavendar Body Butters, $24 each. Lemon Lovers, rejoice!

9. Narwhals
“Narwhals, narwhals, swimming in the ocean, causing a commotion, cause they are so awesome…” Some of us, here, are obsessed. It seems we’re not alone!
Narwhals Oakx15
Top Row: Hatchet Made, W33, Our Favourite Narwhal pillow case $35/$40 with fill, Narwhal tea towel.  Bottom Two Rows: Crywolf, A33, Narwhal print, $25, Narwhal and other buttons, $1, Narwhal and other Plushies, $20, Lapel Pins, $10. Unicorns of the Sea!
Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 5.31.31 AM
Oh, and BONUS!, Don’t forget to check out the glow-in-the-dark-horned Narwhals and Narseals from Nugs, E03!

10. Sweet Everythings
No words…sampling…

Left Column, Top Three, Syrups: Nathalie, you made me an addict, Cassis Monna & Filles, G38, Cassis Syrup, $14; Forbes Wild Foods, H59, Rose Petal Syrup and Birch Syrup, prices vary; Tonic Maison, H47 Cocktail Syrup Gift Boxes, $30-$50. Left Column, Bottom: Monkey Butter, G24, Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter, $10 for 1, $25 for 3.  Top Centre: Big Boat Bakery, Busty Bonny Cakes in Almond, Coconut, Blueberry Lemon and, Raspberry, $8 for 1, $15 for 2, $20 for 3.  Middle and Bottom Centre: Our Favourite Music Teacher Gift! Blink F24, Sheets of Ginger, Peppermint, and Orange Flavoured Bark, among others, $16 for 1, $40 for 3. Right Column, Top Three: Bruce County Nut and Fudge Company, G54, Gourmet Apples, Fudge, and Flavoured Nuts, prices vary. Right Bottom: Tickleberry’s, F43, Chocolate Covered Apricots, All bags of chocolate covered dried fruits, 9.95 for 1, $25 for 3.

11. Super Bowls
Gorgeous ceramics abound at #OOAKX15…and we’re coming back with bubble wrap for more! 
Left Column Top and Right Column Bottom: M C Girard, D61, Latte Cups, $24 each. Oh! I just want to squeeeeeze them! Left Column, Centre Row: Elizabeth Hamel, C19, Garlic Pot, $50, Sugar Bowl, $45. Left Column Bottom and Right Column Top: Mena Dragonfly, U43, Want these! Nesting Bowls, $32 for 3, and Pie Plates. P.S. Not only do they create gorgeous ceramics, they also run a B&B in Prince Edward County. Right Column, Centre RowAtelier Make, T31, Citrus Juicer and Pinch bowls.

12. That’s a Wrap!
I’ve been thinking pink like nobody’s business this holiday…came “this close” to buying 8 strings of pink lights at the tire the other day…No worries, I’ve found something better! Pink paper! Lindsay Stephenson has got everyone covered with her festive wraps and cards! Add a sparkly or boyfriend brooch to the mix, or, perhaps, a dash of evening blue, and, we’ll JINGLE ALL THE WAY!
That's a Wrap! oakx15
Rows 1, 2, 3 [Centre] and 5: Our favourite, Lindsay Stephenson’s Penny Paper Co.,  I51, Gift Wrap, $12 per roll of 3 sheets. Mini Cards and Envelopes, $10 for 8. Boxed Sets of 10 Cards, $25. Gold Foil Cards, $5.95 each.  Row 3, Outer Edges: Pillak, Sparkly Brooches made from vintage jewels. Row 4, Outer Edges: Brooch Boyfriends, Rising Stars C44, Benedict Cumberbatch and Steve Zissou brooches, $20 each. Row 4, Centre ThreeMade in Brockton Village, Y51, Paper and Cards, prices vary.

Alright, now, get to the show!

And, join us on Sunday for our Fifth Annual Advent Calendar!

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