Advent 2015 Love To Do List

Love to Do List 2015

Alright, folks, to celebrate our FIFTH YEAR OF “ADVENTING,” we’re doing something we’ve never done before…


That’s right, brother, it’s okay to try something new!

We’re going to be giving you a preview all of the things that are going to appear on our virtual Advent Calendar from November 29th to December 24th!  

Okay, sister, now, swoon!


Below, you’ll find a teaser list of everything we have planned for Advent 2015. Events are listed in no particular order, by the way. As you might have noticed from all of the giffing around here, we’re amping up the playful tone of this, our fifth, and perhaps final, foray into virtual advent calendaring. So, do, indeed, get ready to swoon!

The Lunchbox Season's LOVE TO DO LIST for Advent 2015 Holiday Bucket List

Fasten your seatbelts!

And join us on November 29th and therafter for ALL THE POSTS!!

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