Homemade Personalized Stationery

Homemade Personalized Stationery

‘Tis a consummation devoutly to be wished…

That when your child travels far away…

She will write you [and the rest of the house staff] a newsy letter.

When I was about Bea’s age, perhaps a little younger, my Aunt Peg sent me a pile of ’80’s carnation pink stationery, [think Pantone Honeysuckle…It was soooo cheeky…]

With a music staff on the top …[Okay, maybe not Beethoven’s Fifth…]


And MY VERY OWN NAME in typewriter font! [You have to understand that in an age in which those cute little bicycle license plates only came in the two names of your five best friends, AMY and JENNIFER, personalization was golden!]
 I was in heaven. I loved, loved, loved it. Although, I have to admit, I loved it so much that I hoarded most of it until the paper faded to a sort of pee orange colour and my name started cracking off the page 馃檪

So, risking one of those epic failures in which a parent attempts to foist their own likes and dislikes upon their far more sophisticated, uber modern, and oh so thoroughly fantastic child….
I decided to make Homemade Personalized Stationery for Bea for her twelfth Birthday!

Originally, I thought that I was going to have a rubber stamp made for her, so that she wouldn’t have said hoarding problem…i.e. she could personalize piles of stationery to her heart’s content. And, there are some beautiful services out there on etsy! Heck, even the local copy and print offers a stamp-making service! However, the image files I kept coming up with had too many “fine lines” for the custom printers of my choice. So, on to the impromptu crafting…

Bea likes Red Pandas. So, after googling images and tinkering with perspectives and fonts using free online photo editing software [think ippicy and picmonkey], here is the design I came up with:


Instead of having a stamp made, I printed out this image at home on a pile of very nice stationery from our local art supply store. It was the closest match to Pantone’s Colour of the Year for Bea’s birth year, 2003’s Aqua Sky, which also happens to be her favourite colour:
Here’s what the finished page looks like:


Now, go ahead, be a copycat! Make some stationery for your own kid! 

Oh, and hey, remember those awesome bookplates we made?

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