Scary Scrabble Stories

Scary Scrabble Stories Game Idea from The LUnchbox Season

It’s the SPOOKY installment of our Monday Game Night!

This month’s game night is a two part venture. First, we’re going to play “Scary Scrabble.”  Then, we’re going to improvise stories from the words on the board.

1. Play Scary Scrabble

Tonight, we’re going to play Scrabble, but we’ll award double the points for a scary/Halloween word of any sort if the kids can make a case for it. Double the bingo amount, as well, to a verifiably “spooky” bingo.

2. Improvise Scary Scrabble Stories

A. Sentence-by-Sentence 
After we play each game, we’ll go around the room trying to improvise a ghost story, one person, one sentence, and one word from the scrabble board at a time.

B. Tale of Terror in 10 Minutes
For our final round, we’ll use the finished game board as the prompt for a hand-written story. Each family member will write their own “Tale of Terror in 10 minutes” using ALL of the words on our Scrabble board.


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