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TheLunchboxSeasons Secret Scary Book Swap for All Hallows Read
Give a Scary Book, Share the Joy, Spread the Terror!


We are in love, love, love with an amazing concept we only heard about last year: All Hallows Read. It’s a simple and beautiful project. The deal is, on Halloween, or therabouts, you give a kid a scary book or comic book – an appropriate “scary” book or comic book for their age and reading level! That’s it! Easy as pie! Or, you can kick it up a notch and give out books or comic books instead of candy on the 31st!!

Is this a great idea or what? Who wouldn’t want to give or receive a spine-tingler for Halloween? And, this is definitely NOT a kids-only venture, people….I mean, why not make it a project for your book club? Or a secret-santa-alternative around the office? 

Secret Scary Book Swap Idea from The Lunchbox Season
Secret Scary Book Swap 2015

To put our own Lunchbox Season spin on things, we will be celebrating All Hallows Read by taking the kids out to our fave indie and comic book stores for a secret scary book swap. In the next few days, we’ll be bringing them out separately to pick both one “scary book” and one “scary comic” to give to their sibling on Halloween. And, I’m pretty sure that Blaise and I will be swapping books, too! 
If you haven’t heard about this project before, please check out the All Hallows Read website and visit their FAQ page.
The folks there have also partnered with Harper Collins to create an amazing poster of age-appropriate titles for 2015: Scary Booklist which I am taking the liberty to reprint below! [Clicking on the images will take you directly to their site.]

But first, a recommendation for all ages: why not try Ryan Price’s illustrated edition of Poe’s The Raven from Kids Can Press?

Alright, here’s that two-page poster we were talking about…..

AllHallowsEve1 AllHallows2

So, are you in, or what?

Which books will you be giving for All Hallows Read?

And which do you hope to receive?  

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