Kid – Invented Constellations

Kid-Invented Constellations - Images and Writing Prompts

Today, keeping up with the “Imagined Galaxies” theme of our March breACK! 2015, I had the kids build upon their enthusiasm for their Imagined Solar System designs by inventing their own constellations. They spent time using the art supplies of their choice to diagram or illustrate their brand new group of stars. Then, I asked them, in the space below the image, to tell the origin story of this constellation in at least one paragraph or in a poem.  Here’s what they came up with today, followed by a brief DIY.


Kid-Invented Constellations Beas


Kid-Invented Constellations from The Lunchbox Season - Toby's

Kid-Invented Constellations - Art and Writing prompts - from The Lunchbox Season

Kid – Invented Constellations

Pencils, Pens or other art materials of your choice

Invent a constellation!
On the top half of a sheet of paper, draw a pattern of stars.
Add a background.
In a paragraph or poem below your picture, tell the constellation’s “origin story.”

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