Space pARTy : Buzz Aldrin Inspired Space Helmet Self-Portraits

Space pARTy - Buzz Aldrin Inspired Space Helment Self-Portraits Art Project for Kids from The Lunchbox Season
Today, I asked the kids to look at some pretty inspiring images. First, we looked at Neil Armstrong’s photographs of Buzz Aldrin on the moon. The kids loved the way the photographer’s reflection showed up in Aldrin’s space helmet, offering a view of what was ahead of him.  Then, we looked at an awesome illustration we found on Art of Animation of a character from Space Brothers, Japanese Manga. [Unfortunately, we cannot identify the artist! If you can find out for us, let us know!] The kids loved how the artist depicted half of the the face of the boy in the helmet, crossed over by diagrams of stars, and the “reflection” of all of the people invovlved in the boy’s life on the other half of the helmet.

Inspiration for Space-Helmet Self-Portraits

We talked about these pictures, and then I told them, with little or no direction, to use the pens, oil pastels, and paper in front of them to create their own “Space Helmet Self-Portraits.” Here’s what they came up with, follwed by a loose, suggested DIY.


Toby's Buzz Aldrin Inspired Space Helmet Self-Portrait - DIY on The Lunchbox Season

Toby’s Close-Ups


Space pARTy Buzz Aldrin Inspired Space helment self-portraits for Kids - Bea's version - DIY on The Lunchbox Season

Bea’s Close-Ups

Buzz Aldrin Inspired Space Helment Self-Portrait DIY for Kids
Space pARTy : Buzz Aldrin Inspired Space Helmet Self-Portraits, Suggested DIY

Inspiring Images of Men and Women in Space Suits and Helmets, as Above
Pens, Pencils, Paints or other Illustration Tools

Look at some inspiring images of people in space helmets / space suits, such as those above.
Draw your own “self-portrait” from the shoulders up, or of your entire body, wearing some sort of imagined space suit and reflective / semi-transparent helmet.
In the reflective portion of the helmet, think about illustrating people, things, or ideas that have some relation to your life or which you’d like to have a relationship with. This could be a collection from the past, present, or future.
You might also choose to split a portion of the helmet so as to have your portrait appear to be half-reflection and half a true self-portrait as in the un-credited manga image above.
In the background of the portrait, illustrate your past, present, or future, as you see fit.

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