What the Kids Made: Animal Sketches from Wagner’s Ring Cycle

What the kids made animal sketches from wagner's ring cycle
As some of you may know, I’ve been writing a novel, The Week In Radio, which is set during a week-long performance of Wagner’s Ring Cycle. The project is full-tilt at the moment [i. e. I’ve gotten to the really exciting part – well, one of the really exciting parts – very close to the end]. And the kids are fully behind it. For my birthday, they got together with Blaise and made some spectacular animal prints based on “animals” in Wagner’s Ring.

Blaise drew a rendition of Fafner as dragon from Siegfried. Bea drew Siegmund self-identified as a “wolf-cub” from Die Walküre. And Toby, I believe, drew the “self-same glittering serpent” seen by Hundig in the eyes of Sieglinde and Siegmund, also from Die Walküre.  The kids, much like a few of the characters in the novel, now know too much of Wagner’s Ring for their own good…We’ll have to see what comes of that! In the meantime, though, I wouldn’t mind a follow-up to this fantastic gift with another set featuring Alberich as “toad,” Siegfried’s Bear, and Grane the horse. Next year, perhaps?

Animal Sketches from Wagner’s Ring Cycle

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