Tea Valentines with Glammed Up Vintage Valentine Cards and Sweet Heart Tags [Free Printables]

Tea Valentines with glammed up vintage valentine cards and sweet heart tags [free printables]

Bea is currently crazy for tea and nothing but tea, especially if it’s David’s Tea [She considers herself their #1 fan]. So, when I asked her what kind of valentines she wanted to make for her classmates and teachers, she immediately said that three letter word. We wanted to come up with a way to make a somewhat economical job of our tea valentines, so we decided that we’d present each of Bea’s friends with an elegant single-serving bag of caffeine-free tea all dolled up for the festive occasion.

First, we chose our tea. At the shop, Bea first reached for Cinnamon Heart. But, as that has caffeine, she went with an all-time favourite, Cinnamon Rooibus Chai.  We came home with a good sized canister of it [we knew we’d drink the rest ourselves] as well as a package of 20 filters, enough for her whole class AND her teachers. [We also came home with a mini heart-shaped tin of Cherry Blossom, the tea of the month for February 2015. It smells delightful and makes me cry for the cherry tree we lost a couple of years ago.]

Then, we went searching on the web for some interesting images to use for our cards. Googling “tea valentines,” we discovered some amazing images of vintage greeting cards that we decided to glam up into twenty-first century valentines using tools on the free online photo editing site, ipiccy.  We came up with a 100:50 ratio base, portrait or landscape, on which to place our fixed-up images and add our To and From fields.  The size would make these cards flexible enough to format into simple paper valentines [simply print them out on cardstock to give to friends] while making them just the perfect fit to transform into paper tags [11.5 x 5.8 cm images printed with an additional 11.5 x 5.8 blank space] that could be trimmed, folded, and attached to the tops or sides of small clear plastic bags that showcased our special tea gifts. You’ll find all of these images at the bottom of the page.

Finally, we made a cute little heart-shaped tea bag tag to cover up the David’s label on our fillable filters. [Sorry David’s. Bea knows who you are…She’s still your #1 fan.] These are also printable, below. And we got to work assembling our most awesome Tea Valentines!!!

Here are some pictures of the finished products…

And here’s the DIY

Tea Valentines with Glammed Up Vintage Valentine Tea Cards and Sweet Heart Tea Tags 


Home-Glammed Vintage Tea Valentine Images [below]
Homemade Tea Tag Images [below]
Colour Printer
Thin, white 12.7 x 20.3 cm or 5 x 8 in cardstock [Dollar store]
A package of 11 x 12 cm or 4.25 x 4.75 in clear plastic zip-top bags [Dollar store]
Fillable tea bags/filters [Ours are from David’s Tea: 20 filters]
Loose tea, 2.5 tsp per valentine [We used David’s Cinnamon Rooibus Chai]
A teaspoon [Bea has this David’s perfect teaspoon that measures out at 2.5 tsp.]
[In a rush, you could substitute a store-bought, pre-filled teabag for the loose tea and filters]
A glue stick [we used Elmer’s non-toxic Earth-friendly School Glue Sticks]


Print the sweet heart tea bag tags on the plain stock.
Trim with scissors into groups of two horizontal squares.
Fold each tag in half, so that the hearts are on the outside.
Glue the sweet heart tags over the original tags on the tea filters.
Trim where necessary, so that none of the original tags are showing.
Allow the glue dry.
Fill each teabag with 2.5 tsp of tea [that’s just one David’s perfect teaspoon] and tighten string to close.
Place each teabag inside of a clear plastic bag and seal to close.
Print the valentine images on plain stock or photo paper, so that the image is at the base [for horizontal images] or left [for vertical images]. Pdfs are provided below.
Trim each printout into a perfect square, with the printed image on the bottom or left half of the square and the rest as blank white space.
Fold the square in half, such that the vintage valentine image faces upwards.
Wrap the card/tag over top of the plastic bag and staple shut.

Tea Valentines Visual DIY

Here are pdfs we printed on 5×8 or 5×7 paper
Feel free to copy these and use them. But, please do not attempt to sell or market them as your own!

Teakettle Valentine : Tea Leaves Valentine : Pink Blue Teacups Valentines : Not Teasing Valentine : Not Teasing Kettle Valentine : Cupcake Valentine : Chic valentine : Cat Pink Tea Valentine : Cookie Valentine : Sweet Heart Tea Bag Tags

And here are the IMAGES

The Sweet Heart Tea Bag Tags
Click on the image to link to a larger file, or see the pdf above.
Feel free to copy this and use it. But please do not attempt to sell or market it as your own!

Sweet Heart tea bag tags from the Lunchbox Season for your Tea Valentines

The Glammed-Up Vintage Tea Valentine Cards
Feel free to copy these and use them. But, please do not attempt to sell or market them as your own

1. Valentine Teasing 2. Cucake Cuppa 5. Tea Kettle Valentine Oven 8. Tea valentine you suit me 3 Chicky Valentine wrapper 4 Cookie Tea Valentine 6 Bear Pink Tea Valentine 7 tealeaves valentine you're mine 9. Not Teasing Tea Valentine

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