Winter 2015: Nourish

Winter 2015 Nourish
We don’t tend to make resolutions here at The Lunchbox Season, at least, not until Chinese New Year. Call it procrastination if you wish. We prefer to look on it as dwelling in the New Year properly, without resentment or rejection of the old [not to say we aren’t interested in shedding lots of thoughts or layers or things].  However, we’ve been inspired to think about resolving differently this year.

Last month, the amazing women at 4mothers1blog did a whole series on minimalism which I found incredibly moving. I love the idea of approaching December with an eye on keeping things simple and with a focus on dwelling in the moment. One of my favourite weekly series- within-the-series was their One-Word Aspirations for 2015, in which each of the bloggers and their guest writer (Girl Runner author Carrie Snyder!) chose a single word to characterize her vision for 2015. This process is far more powerful than resolution-making, as I see it. And, so, we thought we’d add our own word to the mix.

The Lunchbox Season’s one-word aspiration for 2015 is Nourish

Middle English: from Old French noriss-, lengthened stem of norir, from Latin nutrire ‘feed, cherish.’
1. Provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health and good condition.
2. Keep [a feeling or belief] in one’s mind, typically for a long time.

Over the next few months, we’ll be living out this word in words and deeds, with a special focus on embracing the cold when it is sought, cherishing it, even, and cultivating warmth in body and mind, hearth and heart.

We certainly hope you’ll join us!


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